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Blackline performance booms are made of high quality, durable alloy T8. Grip diameter is 29mm with a reduced diameter to 26mm in part, where you put hands on the boom. Thanks to that it is great for women, people with smaller hands and those who want to have solid and strong grip on the boom. It also makes the boom a little bit softer, lighter and slightly more bending than Greenline booms (entire tubes 29mm). This characteristic makes the Blackline produced only to 180cm long (adjustable to 230cm). Offers high quality at affordable price. Each length size of Black Line has different shape to accommodate perfectly various sizes of sails. The longer the boom, the wider the bend, that gives great balance.

Tubes are made in monocoque technology, which they are made from one piece tube. It greatly increases stiffness and durability in every conditions. Double push pin operating system provides strength, durability, easy adjustment of the length and stiffness even in maximum span. Blackline booms are very efficient and ensure good performance. New grip is very solid and strong and additionally give you a great feeling of the rig. Thanks to rotational boom head the strains on boom and mast are reduced to minimum.


  • Reduced grip diameter - 26/29mm
    In part, where you put your hands on the boom, grip diameter is reduced to 26mm. It ensures solid and strong grip on the boom. It gives you full control over the sails, comfortable and easy steering in every conditions. 
  • Harness lines indicators
    Special indicators on the boom which are in close gaps between each other give you easy, fast and precise setup of harness lines on both sides of the boom. It makes adjusting your harness lines to the perfect position effortless.
  • Double push pin operating system
    Length adjustment clap is based on double push pin. This system ensures solid, strong and stiff boom connection. It influences the comfort of sailing and performance of the entire set.
  • Rubbery pad inside boom head
    Thanks to inner, rubbery pad the durability of the boom and comfort is greatly increased as it absorbs vibrations and reduces them to the absolute minimum. Additionally, it protects the mast.
  • Monocoque Technology
    Gaastra booms are made in monocoque technology, it means that they have been bent from one piece tube. It makes it much stiffer and bents less under pressure. It enhances the durability and overall stiffness.
  • Boom length adjustment
    Gaastra booms comes with length adjustment of 50cm with 2cm gaps between indicators. It ensures the perfect length adjustment to sail’s size and give you option to fast and easy adjust it with strong double push pin closure.
  • RDM mast adapter in 140-190cm, 150-200cm and 160-210cm booms
    Three smaller sizes of Gaastra Blackline booms features additional adapter (removable) which allows you to put boom on RDM mast. For biggest boom the adapter is sold separately.
  • Loop-Loop-Go System
    Ensures fast and easy sail trim on the boom. You only need to put the loop through the eyelet in the sail and secure it on the plastic part on the nock, trim the sail and block the line on the cleat. Available in 140-190cm, 150-200cm and 160-210cm.
  • Sail trim in the pulley system
    The biggest Gaastra Blackline boom 180-230cm is equipped with pulley trim system integrated in boom’s nock. To trim the sail put line through eyelet in the sail and through the pulleys, then trim your sail and block the line on the cleat. It is proven system to trim bigger sails.


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140-190 cm 26/29 mm 2.51 kg Alloy T8
150-200 cm 26/29 mm 2.60 kg Alloy T8
160-210 cm 26/29 mm 2.67 kg Alloy T8
180-230 cm 26/29 mm 2.91 kg Alloy T8

Grip diameter doesn't include EVA covering. You should add about 3-4mm to boom thickness.

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