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ION Windsurf boardbag Core Stubby 2020
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UNIFIBER Boardbag Pro Luxury

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  • Sizes: 237x60 / 237x70 / 245x70 / 245x80 / 245x90 / 255x70 / 255x80 / 265x80 / 240x60 / 240x65 / 245x85 / 255x75

Durable boardbag that will protect your windsurf board against dings and scratches while travelling. Keeps you board away from sunlight and sand. It is also suitable to stack your board off-season. Upper side of the bag is made of 600D Polyester. The flipside is made of Tarpaulin which reflects UV Sunlight. Inner layer is a waterproof fabric. Board protection is ensured by 6mm foam layer with an additional thickness in nose and tail area. GA Light Boardbag features a comfortable handle for carrying and 10mm zips for easy open-close. There is also a special chink, so you can pack your board without removing the fin.

WARNING - The boardbag is hermetic, so you shouldn’t store a wet board inside for a longer period.


  • Protects board from sand, dust and sun
  • Comfortable carry handle
  • Made of durable materials (Polyester 600D, Tarpaulin)
  • 8mm thickness (6 mm padding + outer layers)
  • Reliable, large double-sided zipper
  • Reinforced nose and tail area
  • You can store and transport your board without fin disassembly thanks to double-sided zipper cut out

Sizes of the bags show what sizes of boards are able to fit inside with footstraps.
Usually the bag can fit a board little bit larger.
For boards with very wide nose, please choose a boardbag in subsequent bigger size.


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Product name Size Inner length (cm)  Inner width (cm) Weight (kg) Zipper size Fin cut out Padding thickness
GA Light Boardbag 237x60 244 71 1.96 10 mm 6 mm
GA Light Boardbag 237x70 244 81 2.02 10 mm 6 mm
GA Light Boardbag 240x60 248 71 2.06 10 mm 6 mm
GA Light Boardbag 240x65 248 79 2.11 10 mm 6 mm
GA Light Boardbag 245x70 251 81 2.73 10 mm 6 mm
GA Light Boardbag 245x80 251 91 2.41 10 mm 6 mm
GA Light Boardbag 245x85 251 95 2.50 10 mm 6 mm
GA Light Boardbag 245x90 251 102 2.66 10 mm 6 mm
GA Light Boardbag 255x70 262 81 2.36 10 mm 6 mm
GA Light Boardbag 255x75 262 88 2.43 10 mm 6 mm
GA Light Boardbag 255x80 262 91 2.38 10 mm 6 mm
GA Light Boardbag 265x80 272 91 2.65 10 mm 6 mm
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