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XCEL Glove Windsurfing Mitten 3mm

Neoprene gloves with 3mm thickness. The open inner side of the gloves gives you best, natural grip on the boom or bar, like without any glove. Closed hand glove profile supports your grip. The best gloves for autumn and winter windsurfing sessions.

Inner cut out

The open part of the inner side of the gloves gives you the best grip and feel of the boom or bar.

Wrist seals

Wrist seals minimize water intakes and help keep your hands warm.

Glove profile

Closed hand glove profile makes your grip better. You can hold your boom or bar with less effort.


Very strong glued seams provide great durability.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Mittens allow that all 4 fingers except thumb are next to each other what traps the heat of your entire hand. They are warmer than gloves. Less area of contact with cold air and water. Great option for surfing cause keeping a windsurfing boom or a kitesurfing bar is let’s say “a bit” difficult with mittens.

Don’t worry about this if you intend to be on board, not in the water. Water pours out the same way as it pours in. Your hand will be isolated from the air with a glove on the top side and with boom or bar on the bottom side. This solution affects on hands cooling, but it is very small affect.

TEXTURE SKIN means that your glove is covered with thin rubber. Primarily it protects your hand from the cold wind.

XCEL is an American company. Prices in Europe are increased due to import cost and taxes.

Mitten gloves are definitely warmer, but some people don’t like one-fingered gloves due to problems with smartphone using.

Yes, this is neoprene. This material keeps the warmth of your body inside a glove.

These curved fingers provide better grip on boom and bar. Places your hand in closed position and supports your grip. In normal straight design, you must tension neoprene to grab bar or boom and you lose your energy. This solution provides that you hold it with less effort.


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