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UNIFIBER x LOFTSAILS Raceboard Package Proteus II + 2 Raceboardblade sails + boom + mast
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UNIFIBER Windsurf set RPM iWindsurf 280 FCD + Maverick II sail
  • Complete windsurf package ready to go to the water
  • Pump and backpack incuded with board
  • Freeride rig equipped with bag
  • Inflatable board designed especially for windsurfing
  • Suitable for beginners and planing
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UNIFIBER Complete windsurf set - RPM 280 SL board + Evolution II rig

  • Board size: 280cm / 285l
  • Sail sizes: 5.0 / 5.5 / 6.0

A complete windsurfing set designed for freeriders and beginners. It includes an easy-to-transport RPM windsurf board and an excellent Evolution II rig. The kit is ready to go into the water once the board is inflated and the sail is rigged.

This set was created for beginner riders and freeride enthusiasts who do not have space to store or transport a classic composite board.

Set components

UNIFIBER Complete windsurf set - RPM 280 SL board + Evolution II rig - Inflatable board RPM iWindsurf 280 SL

Inflatable board RPM iWindsurf 280 SL

The RPM is dedicated to pure freeride windsurf action, but comes with the benefits of an inflatable construction. The board is specifically designed to make the fun and excitement of windsurfing as accessible as possible for beginners and experienced riders.
With plenty of volume the board is forgiving for novices who are taking their first steps. To help with staying upwind it can be fitted with the centre fin that reduces sideways drift. The RPM iWindSUP features sharp PVC edges on its rails and tail. These significantly reduce drag and further improve the board's planing performance.
Inflatable constructions make the RPM iWindsurf easy to store and transport. FCD version delivers a board that can be pumped to 20 psi of pressure. This model has a very direct feel, and it is super stiff for the best possible performance.
Board is equipped with pump, backpack and fins - essential accessories for transporting and preparing gear to session.

UNIFIBER Complete windsurf set - RPM 280 SL board + Evolution II rig - Windsurf rig Maverick II

Windsurf rig Evolution II

Evolution II Complete rig is a ready-to-rock package for entry-level adult freeriders.
The sail is designed with 3D CAD software and delivers a stable performance from freeride to bump-and-jump conditions.
Easy to rig and trim, Evolution II complete rig features all parts and accessories you would need to start and progress on the board.
When taken apart, the entire rig can be packed in a neat, sturdy bag for easy storage and transport.

UNIFIBER Complete windsurf set - RPM 280 SL board + Evolution II rig - Baseplate Cardan

Baseplate Cardan

A stiff and strong mechanical Universal Joint with U-pin connector. Excellent UV resistance. Essential part for every inflatable windsurf board.


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Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Thickness (cm) Weight (kg) Finbox Fin setup Deiscipline Center fin
285 280 84 15 10.30 US-BOX Twin Freeride/Beginners


Size (m2) Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Mast Vario top Battens Set weight (kg)
5.0 415 170 400 Fixed 5 8.182
5.5 440 178 430 Fixed 5 8.701
6.0 455 186 430 Fixed 5 9.056
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