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TORQ Surfboard ACT Prepreg Go-Kart Green Rail
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TORQ Surfboard ACT Prepreg Multipler Blue Rail
  • Made in ACT technology - world’s first EPS/Epoxy Pre-Preg surfboards invented by TORQ
  • Greatest strength to weight ratio
  • Incredibly responsive - all of the energy that you put through your feet is delivered into the turn
  • Everyday surf performance groveller
  • Stable construction allows you to push harder - great board to progress
  • Generating speed with ease
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TORQ Surfboard ACT PG-R

Your everyday performance surfboard

Sizes: 5'6 | 5'10 | 6'2

TORQ designed the PG-R to perform in average, everyday surf - Performance Groveller model. The unexpected by-product is a board that lends itself to progression. It’s stable and reassuring so you have the confidence to push harder. It generates and carries speed that converts into big turns or airs. You can lay it on a rail and it gives back tenfold. It’s a board that lets you up your game, no matter the conditions.


Torq ACT surfboards are the world’s first EPS/Epoxy Pre-Preg surfboards. The technological advantages are immense, but the most significant advantage is 100% controlled process with ZERO surplus resin. On any surfboard the resin’s function is to hold the fiber in place. It offers little structural integrity of it’s own, little flex and little impact strength. As a material without the fiber it is heavy and brittle. Any surplus resin is dead weight - resisting flex, adding weight.

With Pre-Preg process the perfect amount of resin is added to the cloth by machine, before the shaped blank is laid up - zero surplus, zero dead weight. ‘Pre-Preg’ means the glass fiber weave is pre-impregnated with resin and hardener (kept cold to prevent curing). This fiber resin material is called a Pre-Preg ‘matrix’ which is cured under high pressure and high temperature in a fully controlled environment. This ‘baking’ process results in the strongest form of laminate. As well as controlling the lamination and curing process, Pre-Preg means the resin content can be 100% controlled - the perfect amount of resin is in the fiber on application. It is the most controlled, most accurate composite fiberglass process, with minimal wastage.

The result is greatest strength to weight ratio. Typically strong boards are heavy and light boards are weak. Torq ACT boards have a super strong 4oz+4oz lay up on deck with a full bamboo sandwich layer and a fiberglass rail band but they weigh around the same as a light glassed PU board. Most importantly, they respond better. The feel of these boards is like no other surfboard - they are incredibly responsive. The unhindered flex and zero dead weight means all of the energy that you put through your feet is delivered into the turn with none of the ‘deadening’ effect from the resin.


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Volume (l)Length (ft)Width (inch)Thickness (inch)Fin boxesFinbox systemFins included
30.65'620 1/22 3/85Futures
35.35'10212 1/25Futures
41.36'221 3/42 3/45Futures
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