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  • Made in TEC technology - best balance of lightweight versus durability
  • Carbon filament stringer and UD carbon strip on the base makes board super springy and responsive
  • Must-have board - covers most waves and conditions
  • Fast and easy paddling
  • Easy speed generating, turns and airs, but it's still able to ride over flat sections
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TORQ Surfboard TEC PG-R

A board that turns average into excellent

Sizes: 5'4 | 5'8 | 5'10 | 6'0 | 6'2 | 6'4

The PG-R the most important board in your quiver. It’s the board you’ll surf 80% of the time in less than stellar waves so it needs to be excellent. It’s a board TORQ designed to handle average, everyday surf. It’s fast with easy paddling and pick up, with elements of the Comp model for performance and the Summer 5 for speed and stoke. In short the model was intended to be our Performance Groveller – able to skate over the flats but capable in critical sections. The unexpected by-product is a board that lends itself to progression. It’s stable and reassuring so you have the confidence to push harder. It generates and carries speed that converts into big turns or airs. You can lay it on a rail and it gives back tenfold. It’s a board that lets you up your game, no matter the conditions. The PG-R is a board that turns average into excellent.


TORQ Epoxy Composite offers performance shapes in our state-of-the-art epoxy layup. These boards have the best balance of Lightweight versus Durability. Using our own unique lamination process, we are able to use a very strong fiberglass lay-up of 6oz and 4oz combined in 3 layered deck and 2 layered base (with a 4 layered rail lap) with a high density EPS foam, but still achieve a board weight that matches a lightweight fiberglass lay-up. The result is light but very strong board, with good flex charateristics and as with all Torq's excellent value for money.


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Volume (l) Length (ft) Width (inch) Thickness (inch) Fin boxes Finbox system Fins included
29.2 5'4 20 1/8 2 3/8 5 Futures
32.2 5'8 20 5/8 2 3/8 5 Futures
35.3 5'10 21 2 1/2 5 Futures
38.7 6'0 21 1/2 2 5/8 5 Futures
42.2 6'2 22 2 3/4 5 Futures
45.5 6'4 22 1/2 2 7/8 5 Futures
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