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Super compact board for riders from the new school of wave riding. The small size allows to make quick turns and storing the board much easier. Pocket offers a fast and comfortable planing and radical maneuverability both in onshore and side-shore conditions.

The modern shape of the 2017 Pocket is a result of 4-year testing of various compact shapes. It was originally designed for less than perfect waves, but it turned out that the team Tabou loves to sail it also at Hookpa. Although it is quick and easy to drive, it can radically turn at high speed when pressing the back foot while riding on a wave.

During the design process Tabou tested every type of tail and nose shape. The new Pocket 2017 has the best combination: normal shape of the nose and double-diamond shaped tail, which in turn gave the desired mix of maneuverability and comfort. Short length combined with winger shape make radical turns so easy that it was possible to use very flat rocker. That is the reason why Pocket has such fantastic acceleration, even when the wind is light or the current strong.

The features:

  • Compact outline for tight turning and easy storage off the water
  • Normal nose shape for comfort in the surf and chop
  • Extra straight rocker in the tail for lots of speed
  • Channel bottom for grip in the top turn
  • Full rails for a stable, forgiving feel and to make new-school wave tricks easier


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First session on the new Tabou Windsurfing Pocket 87! It's something I've never felt before... A new sport almost!! So agile, so reactive, so radical, fitting into every pocket of every wave. Super easy to throw the tail around but then you have your foot almost on the tail (like 8cm off depending on the strap position) so it's very easy to control it. It's something very new very hard to describe: everyone should just try it at least one time in their lifes, as the sensation is just so new. Let me just say this: it's not just better, it's different! 😄
Press on the back foot and the board turns like magic for fast bottom turns and the easiest cutbacks of my life.
I love the new Pocket. The 87L works perfectly for me in Europe and Hookipa
Pocket Wave77 77 214 56 TBA 3xSlotbox MFC TF 2x11+1x17 3.5 - 5.2 New Shape
Pocket Wave87 87 216 58 TBA 3xSlotbox MFC TF 2x12+1x18 3.7 - 5.7 New Shape
Pocket Wave97 97 218 60 TBA 3xSlotbox MFC TF 2x12+1x 19 4.2 - 6.1 New Shape
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