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Exceptional wave riders deserve an exceptional board and the Da Curve has been exciting wave windsurfers for years. An outstandingly maneouvrable wave board is updated with a straighter rocker, which allows you to plane earlier and go faster in a straight line. But not one bit of agility is given up due to the shorter tail, the two channels and the thinner rails in the tail section, which make the Da Curve turn naturally better. Looseness on the foot and a lot of grip never felt this responsive and sophisticatedly combined, making wave enthusiasts turn on small and choppy waves as if they were Jaws.


  • Lower tail kick allows quick planing and good top speed
  • Short tail outline for tighter turns
  • V-Double concave adds grip and forgiveness in curves
  • Channels allow looseness with a lot of grip
  • Only 3 fin boxes for weight reduction
  • A narrow nose makes the Da Curve more maneuverable
  • 6 hole front inside insert allowing classic and new school stances
  • Very light and durable team construction


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Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Finbox
76 223 55 6.10 SLOT BOX
82 225 57 6.30 SLOT BOX
88 227 58 6.40 SLOT BOX
96 227 59 6.80 SLOT BOX
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