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TABOU Windsurf board Da Curve 2020
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DA BOMB 2020


Versatility is the key in a variety of wave conditions and this is where the Da Bomb unfolds its extensive potential. In order to achieve prime control in high winds, we implemented a longer tail outline, which additionally extends the Da Bomb’s range of wave sizes. The low tail kick rocker line creates the impressively early planing, upwind potential and overall speed that makes the board perform exceptionally well in side- to onshore conditions. Thinner rails facilitate the initiation of turns and make the Da Bomb greatly manoeuvrable in top turns, while channels add that extra bit of grip.


  • Mini channels on the bottom for extra control in turns
  • Compact outline makes new school moves accessible for everybody
  • Low tail kick rocker enables speed and early planing
  • Thinner rails for easy initation of turns
  • Double density pads protect you and your board
  • Longer tail for better control and versatility
  • Thruster fin setup for perfect mix of speed and looseness
  • 6 hole front inside insert allowing classic and new school stances


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Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Finbox
77 214 56 SLOT BOX
84 220 59 US-BOX/SLOT BOX
94 222 61 US-BOX/SLOT BOX
104 226 63 US-BOX/SLOT BOX
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