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The joy of windsurfing is often handed on from generation to generation and the Tabou Bullitt is the perfect platform for your family and friends to make their first steps onto a windsurfing board, while at the same time offering tons of fun for freeriders. Tabou's ever so popular Rocket freeride board with its smooth speed, controllability and easy jibing forms the basis of the Bullitt’s design. Designers optimized the volume distribution to enhance the stability in order to make the Bullitt accessible to beginners, who make their first experiences on a windsurfing board.


  • Perfect board for families, great for learning and freeriding
  • Very durable MTE construction
  • Single Powerbox fin with center finbox or retractable dagger in larger sizes.
  • Great board for learning jibes and very easy to handle
  • Fast rocker and bottom shape
  • Comes with set of footstraps, rear fin and center fin or dagger in larger sizes


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Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Finbox
125 258 70 9.00 POWER BOX
135 258 72 9.70 POWER BOX
145 258 76 10.00 POWER BOX
155 266 76 11.00 POWER BOX
185 280 80 13.00 POWER BOX
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