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AIR RIDE+ 2020/2021


The professional foil racing scene developes quickly and so do the requests of Tabou team to the Air Ride foil racing board. A board that won the world title in 2019 was updated with new features that allow team riders to have the best platform for racing in different conditions, which is why Tabou also added the Air Ride 100, an upwind foil racing weapon, to their range. While the team managed to make the Air Ride lift off even earlier, one of the main targets was to rework the deck shape in order to provide unmatched control and comfort so that foil racers can push their limits to the max.


  • Straight outline creates maximum leverage
  • Deep front V with double concave creates early lift-off, soft touch down and easy tacking
  • Thick straight rails with very high apex lead to easy release from water
  • Deep cut-out reduces wetted surface in the tail to a minimum
  • Ovoid deck in front and center - perfect aerodynamics and neutrality when flying
  • Constant curve deck with multiple inserts offer comfort and different footstrap options for different tacks
  • Small area step-down deck allows you to close the gap between sail and board perfectly


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Volume (l)Length (cm)Width (cm)Weight (kg)Fin boxFin setupIncluded finsDiscipline
155212819.20DEEPTUTTLE BOXSingleFoil/Race
2302269111.20DEEPTUTTLE BOXSingleFoil/Race
25022610012.60DEEPTUTTLE BOXSingleFoil/Race
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