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3S+ 2020


One board that will make you enjoy each discipline in windsurfing without compromising performance - this is Tabou's requirement to the 3S+. The outline of the 3S+ combines a modern tail with a more classic nose, which form the right mixture of early planing, speed control and manoeuvrability together with the medium high entry rocker. Equipped with the MFC thruster fin setup, the board gains looseness and grip in curves that can be utilized both during smooth jibes and wave turns. Impressive top speed as well as great control make the 3S+ an overall performer in flat and choppy waters.


  • Modern high-performance allround board for bump & jump and wave.
  • Compact shape provides best control in wave turns and during tricks
  • Thruster fin setup guarantees best grip and maneuverability on waves
  • Center Powerbox fin allows for using single freeride or freestyle fin
  • Early planing thanks to compact shape
  • Great choice for first freestyle moves
  • Advanced construction technology Carbon Flex provides best stiffness and lightweight
  • Comes with set of fins and footstraps


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Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Finbox
86 221 60 6.60 POWER BOX/SLOT BOX
96 229 61 7.00 POWER BOX/SLOT BOX
106 230 65 7.30 POWER BOX/SLOT BOX
116 232 66 7.90 POWER BOX/SLOT BOX
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