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  • A board for people looking for the perfect solution for wing-, wind and SUP foil
  • The perfect solution for people starting their adventure with wingfoil
  • Three sizes 110l, 120l and 135l
  • The Magic Carpet Team model was made in a lighter construction
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TABOU Windsurf / wing foil board Magic Carpet TEAM 2023


  • Sizes: 110 / 120 / 135
  • Discipline: Freeride Foiling / Wing

If you are one of the many, who has become addicted to foiling during the past years, or if you are just making your first steps above the water surface, the Magic Carpet is your go-to board for foiling in various disciplines.

Great lift, manouvrability and control, when foiling with a windsurfing sail, a wing or a paddle are made possible by just one single board, the Magic Carpet.

The compact outline provides control in the air, while a big mono pad and a large variety of different footstrap positions add comfort and grip.

A flat tail with low entry rocker, a step tail and concave rails with high apex create better water release, which leads to incredibly early lift-offs.

The Magic Carpet is compatible with different types of foils thanks to the mounting of Deep Tuttle and Double US box systems.


  • DOUBLE US-BOX PLUS FOILBOX - A Double US and reinforced Deep Tuttle Foilbox allow you to use different types of foils.
  • SUPER COMPACT OUTLINE - The compact outline makes controlling and manoeuvring the Magic Carpet incredibly easy.
  • FLAT TAIL WITH LOW ENTRY ROCKER - The bottom shape with a flat tail and low entry rocker provides extremely early lift-offs.
  • BIG MONO PAD - A large EVA pad adds comfort and grip, especially when foiling strapless.
  • MULTIPLE INSERT POSITIONS - A huge variety of footstrap insert positions provides different options for windsurf foiling, wingfoiling and SUP-foiling
  • STEP TAIL AND CONCAVE RAIL WITH HIGH APEX - The elaborate rail shape and the step tail create better water release for early lift.
  • CARRY HANDLE ON THE BOTTOM - A perfectly positioned carry handle on the bottom makes carrying the Magic Carpet together with the mounted foil super easy.


Set includes

  • Tabou Magic Carpet board
  • Set of footstraps
  • Tabou stickers


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Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Fin box Fin setup Fins in set Sail range (m2) Weight (kg) Discipline
135 189 73 FOIL TRACK/DEEPTUTTLE BOX Single TBA 8.20 Freeride/Foil
120 195 78 FOIL TRACK/DEEPTUTTLE BOX Single TBA 8.80 Freeride/Foil
135 195 83 FOIL TRACK/DEEPTUTTLE BOX Single TBA TBA Freeride/Foil
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