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TABOU Windsurf / wing foil board Magic Carpet TEAM 2023
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TABOU Wing foil board Pocket Air TEAM 2023
  • Brand-new design for advanced wingfoilers
  • Compact outline for easy manouvers
  • Easy takeoffs and smooth touchdowns
  • Double US-Box (Foil Track) mount
  • Great for jumping and rotations
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TABOU Wing foil board Tiny TEAM 2023


  • Sizes: 26 / 36 / 46
  • Discipline: Advanced Wingfoiling

The brand-new Tiny with its super compact outline specializes on pure performance in prone foiling and winging – get ready to push your limits!

Three different sizes offer the perfect board for radical young rippers and experienced wingers and prone foil riders, who seek as little board below their feet as possible to achieve maximum agility and responsiveness for radical jumps, long pumping sessions and wave rides.

A sophisticated hull shape releases quickly from the water surface for early take-offs and buffers touchdowns to keep you in the air easily.

Once in the air the Tiny motivates you to carve, pump, jump and rotate with its super compact outline that provides immediate response from the foil and allows you to direct the board into any direction imaginable.

Redefine the limits of gravity and express your creativity in prone foiling and winging with the brand-new Tiny board range.


  • THE RIGHT SIZE FOR YOU - A range of 3 sizes between 26 and 46 liters contains the right board for any experienced riders.
  • SUPER COMPACT OUTLINE - Outstanding control and maneuverability when flying thanks to the super compact outline design.
  • CONCAVE RAIL - A concave shape in the rails combines great water release with smooth touchdowns.
  • MULTIPLE STRAP INSERTS - Various insert positions provide you with comfort and control at all skill levels and in different stances.
  • ELABORATE HULL DESIGN - The sophisticated hull design provides early take-offs and soft touchdowns.
  • ELABORATE VOLUME DISTRIBUTION - The Pocket Air 87 and bigger feature extra thickness in the top nose section to prevent nose diving and help balancing when starting on the knees.

Set includes

  • Tabou Tiny board
  • Set of footstraps
  • Tabou stickers


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Size (ft) Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Foil mount
4'0 26 132 49 3.30 Foil Track
4'5 36 135 52 3.70 Foil Track
4'10 46 148 55 4.20 Foil Track
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