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  • Windfoiling package for freeriding
  • Compatible with almost every modern sail
  • Durable foil and board construction
  • Specialized board shape
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TABOU x GA Windsurf foil package - Air Ride LTD board + Hybrid foil

  • Board size: 81cm wide - 145l
  • Front wings: 1200cm² FREE / 1150cm² HP / 1050cm² HP

Windfoil set designed for riders who want to start their adventure with levitation over water surface or need stable and easy to ride gear to simply enjoy their time on the water. Set contains specialised foil shape - Tabou Air Ride board in light and stiff LTD construction and easy to ride Hybrid foil with thee front wing variants. Just connect with the rig that you own and enjoy silent flight over water, even in very lightwind conditions. This set will work with almost every modern sail.

This package was created for recreational riders - freeride enthusiasts who are looking for an easy and comfortable way to get into foiling. HP front wings offer enhanced performance for riders with sporty soul.

Set components

TABOU x GA Windsurf foil package - Air Ride LTD board + Hybrid foil - TABOU Air Ride LTD


Lift off and enjoy the Air Ride’s dedicated foiling characteristics, when comfortably flying over the water surface at high speed. The elaborate foil rocker makes you take off in incredibly light winds and enables soft touchdowns, which helps newcomers to enjoy their foiling experience from the first session on. A wide tail outline adds extra leverage and provides early and easy take-offs together with the cut-outs. The constant curvature on the Air Ride’s deck adds comfort in each of the many foot strap positions, which make the board perfectly suited for beginners and advanced foil windsurfers. Make use of the lightest breeze and fly at your local spot with the Air Ride!

TABOU x GA Windsurf foil package - Air Ride LTD board + Hybrid foil - GA Hybrid Foil

GA Hybrid Foil

The Hybrid Foil with Deep Tuttle adapter offers allround performance and the freedom to customize the foil according to your individual requirements. A smooth and early take-off, control in the air and a lot of performance potential provide both novices and advanced foil riders with the right setup for their flight. The Hybrid Windsurf Foil set is composed of an 85cm aluminium mast, a 90cm CNC milled aluminium fuselage and a FREE (1200cm2) or HP (1150cm2 or 1050cm2) front wing. For increased agility, lift or speed, you can adjust the foil with one of the many tuning parts.


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