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UNIFIBER Package Maverick HD rig 4.0 - 5.8 + optional dagger board Rookie
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UNIFIBER Experience EVO II Dacron complete rig

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A complete Unifiber windsurf set with Maverick Dacron HD rig and Rookie daggerboard designed especially for beginners and recreational riders.

The set consists of a complete rig, to which you can choose a board, straps and baseplate. After adding optional accessories (board, straps, baseplate) you'll get a complete set, ready to take it for the first ride.

Package content

Components that you will always receive after using this offer.

Maverick Dacron HD Junior Sail

In cooperation with the instructors and owners of the bases Unifiber created a new dacron sail for beginners. Each size has an individual color, in order to easily identify the students on the water. The sails are designed to work perfectly on RDM Epoxy masts with adequate stiffness (IMCS), which helps keep stability even in gusty wind. The sail rigged on a dedicated mast and boom is very light and ensures high comfort of use.

You can read more about Maverick Dacron here.

Fiberglass Mast

Masts for those who are new to windsurfing or for windsurfers who are just looking for affordable material, completing their gear again or searching for replacements. Owners of Windsurf School will appreciate the price and durability aspect.

More about EPX mast here.

Aluminium Junior Boom

These booms are ideal for kids who are pushing their sailing levels. Using stiff tubes made of high quality T8 Aluminium in 26mm diameter, together with a solid boom head, they are a piece of equipment you don't have to worry about.

You can find more about aluminium Junior boom here.

Mast base

Standard RDM mast base with U-Pin baseplate connection.

Uphaul String

A strong and streamlined mast-hugging uphaul that stays out of the way until needed.

Optional Package content

Products necessary to complete the whole set that allows you to go out on the water. Remember to choose the right size in the add-ons section and select the "add" button.

Deska Rookie

Unifiber Rookie Board

Rookie range boards are the perfect solution for sailing schools looking for tough, strong, up-to-date yet easy-riding equipment. They’re manufactured using the new DuraTec technology: outer skin/shell made from ultra-resistant polyethylene, wrapped round a rigid, waterproof, polystyrene core. Rookie series boards are supremely stable for beginners, and easy for learning your first serious moves.

More info about Unifiber Rookie is available here.

Zestaw footstrapów

Package of 4 Comfort Footstraps

Set of 4 footstraps with screws compatible with every modern board on the market. 7-mm. Neoprene padding for extra comfort, easy to adjust velcro - even on the water. 

Paleta Basic

Power Joint Basic Baseplate

A proven design with quality stainless steel U-pin, shock-absorbing Power Joint, and standard single bolt 'twist-on' system plate. Perfect for all-round use and durability. Features extra-tough webbing for added security.


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Size (m2) Included mast Luff (cm) Included boom Boom (cm) Set weight (kg)
1.5 Epoxy RDM 240 225 Alu JR 110-150 110 4.71
2.0 Epoxy RDM 280 260 Alu JR 110-150 120 5.11
2.5 Epoxy RDM 300 285 Alu JR 110-150 140 5.74
3.0 Epoxy RDM 300 290 Alu JR 110-150 150 6.28
3.5 Epoxy RDM 320 315 Alu JR 110-150 164 6.79

Rookie Boards

Volume  Length  Width  Weight +/- 6% KG  Fin Box  Sail Range  Technology 
160 L 255 cm 82 cm 14.5 kg Deep Tuttle Box 1.5 - 7.0 DynaTec
185 L 293 cm 79 cm 15.7 kg Deep Tuttle Box 1.5 - 7.0 DynaTec
225 L 297 cm 92 cm 18.7 kg Deep Tuttle Box 1.5 - 7.0 DynaTec
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