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PLKB Kitesurf package - Gambit kite + Compass M bar + Patrol V3 board


  • Kite sizes: 7.0 / 8.0 / 9.0 / 10.0 / 11.0 / 13.0
  • Board sizes: 136 / 139 / 142

A complete kitesurf kit with everything you need to go out on the water. All you have to do is to inflate your kite, tie it to the bar, attach the included pads and straps, and you're ready to go for a session on the water!

Set components

PLKB Kitesurf package - Gambit kite + Compass M bar + Patrol V3 board - Gambit Kite

Gambit Kite

The PLKB Gambit is PLKB's new allround kite that gets you going instantly. It feels direct and predictable in everything you do. Power when you want it and lots of depower.
Because designers wanted to create a kite that is suitable for all riders, From beginner to winner. A kite with big air potential, wave potential and stimulating a fast learning curve. A kite that you can always use, no matter what you’re going to do.
The high wing profile, big wing tips and Arc shaped bridles give the Gambit predictable and direct power with a lower cruisin speed but enough lift for serious jumping. The power delivery is super stable with fast and easy steering.

PLKB Kitesurf package - Gambit kite + Compass M bar + Patrol V3 board - Compass LEI Bar

Compass LEI Bar

The all new Compass Bar has been redesigned with an all new Quick Release with easy Click Recovery. Many new features such as Ceramic Ball Bearings, Pre-Stretched SK75 lines, 3D grip, Replaceble Loops and with new looks, the Compass bar is all you need.
Variant included in set is 51cm long and features 22m lines.

PLKB Kitesurf package - Gambit kite + Compass M bar + Patrol V3 board - Patrol V3 Board

Patrol V3 Board

The Patrol is designed to be an comfortable freeride board with great upwind abilities. As a true progression board, it will take riders from their first water-start all the way to their first jumps and tricks. A great weapon to have in your arsenal when you want a comfortable easy-riding session!


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7.0 3 16 - 29 S (43 cm) TBA
8.0 3 15 - 27 S (43 cm) / M (51 cm) 2.80
9.0 3 14 - 26 M (51 cm) 2.90
10.0 3 13 - 25 M (51 cm) 3.10
11.0 3 12 - 24 M (51 cm) / L (60cm) 3.30
13.0 3 11 - 22 L (60cm) 3.50


Size Line length (m) Line strength Line type Number of lines Brake line
M (51cm) 22 425kg SK75 4


Length (cm) Width (cm) Bottom shape Included fins Weight (kg) Recommended rider weight (kg)
136 41 DOUBLE CONCAVE 4x 50mm G10 2.60 65 - 80
139 42 DOUBLE CONCAVE 4x 50mm G10 2.70 80 - 95
142 42 DOUBLE CONCAVE 4x 50mm G10 2.80 > 95
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