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GA-KITES X6 Bar 2022
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PLKB Bar Commander (52cm bar, 22m lines)
  • Control line trim knots hidden under floats.
  • Color coded links to quickly distinguish left from right, additional 3m extensions.
  • Contoured EVA handle for maximum comfort.
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PLKB Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Aviator


Sizes: S1 43CM x 15M | S2 43CM x 17M | S3 43CM x 19M | M1 53CM x 15M | M2 53CM x 17M | M3 53CM x 19M | M4 53CM x 21M | L1 63CM x 15M | L2 63CM x 17M | L3 63CM x 19M | L4 63CM x 21M

Dedicated bar for Aero and Nova kites, it has a strong racing character. Equipped with a double trimming system on two pulleys, it allows for optimal setting of the kite even during the flight. In order for the bar to meet all your requirements, you can adjust all parameters, starting from the length of the bar itself 43 cm, 53 cm or 63 cm and the length of the lines, standard lines are equipped with 3 m extensions that will allow you to adjust the kite to the prevailing conditions.


  • Color-coded lines to quickly distinguish left from right, additional 3 m extension
  • Dual trim system to fine-tune power during flight
  • Easy security system
  • The brake cable is equipped with an anchor loop to easily secure the kite on the ground
  • Brake cable for landing and turning the kite over (removable)
  • Clamcleat trimmer depower line made of Amsteel 1800 kg material - easy to replace
  • Control line trim knots hidden under floats
  • The smooth opening on the bar allows the depower to run lightly
  • Elastic bands to secure coiled lines, hide under the bar, so they do not interfere 
  • Contoured EVA handles for maximum comfort
  • Ring for attaching leash to the security system.
  • Chickenloop loop made of soft and frost-resistant materials


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Size Length bar (cm) Length lines (cm)
S1 43 15
S2 43 17
S3 43 19
M1 53 15
M2 53 17
M3 53 19
M4 53 21
L1 63 15
L2 63 17
L3 63 19
L4 63 21
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