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PLKB Kite Lynx V5
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  • Thanks to its great stability it is perfect for a wave as well as for the first kite
  • Low bar forces, so it does not cause unnecessary overload
  • Ease of control makes it the perfect kite for learning kitesurfing
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PLKB Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Swell V4


Sizes: 5m | 6m | 7m | 8m | 9m | 11m | 13m | 15m

A wave kite with great possibilities. Small forces on the bar, thanks to which you can focus freely on defeating the waves. Very fast, at the same time stable, liked by freeriders, foil enthusiasts, as well as for beginners, convinces them with the fact that he gets up from the water very easily. From now on, the hit spot will be your favorite spot for water madness. The combination of ease of use and stability make the Swell V4 the choice of beginner riders and those who want to make progress in every area of kitesurfing.


  • PRECISE AND RESPONSIVE - Very responsive, you can position it exactly where you want to fully focus on the wave you want to beat. Even when completely depowering, it retains all its features, allowing you to quickly and smoothly search for a new wave.
  • DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM STABILITY AND SLACK LINE DRIFT, EVEN WHEN DEPOWERED -The ideal weight distribution of the kite provides the stability needed for drifting, while the lines loosen when riding the wave, giving you time to focus on the wave instead of worrying about the kite. Swell can accelerate very quickly and smoothly, and very stable wave drift properties will allow you to enjoy a successful session.
  • EXEPTIONAL WIND RANGE - Guarantees a lot of power in the lower wind range, without power loss in the upper range, it allows you to work the kite longer and swim when the wind is just getting stronger.
  • LIGHT AND RESPONSIVE BAR PRESSURE - By connecting you with the kite, in the case of Swell, you simply feel the kite perfectly, at the same time it does not transfer great forces to the bar, so you can swim a lot without feeling tired muscles and joints.

Technical Features

  • 3-STRUT HYBRID SLE - The SLE shape provides amazing range, quick and easy reboot from water even in wet weather conditions. It has been designed to be stable and provide responsive controls that are appreciated by the wave and freeride enthusiasts. The light 3-tube structure gives great stability and smooth drifting when the lines loosen on the wave, and when the kite falls into the water, it stands up easily, which will be appreciated by riders sailing on huge waves.
  • 3 POINT BRIDLES - Gives the kite a huge and progressive depower range, this makes it easier to steer even in the most difficult conditions.
  • DOUBLE STITCHED MULTI SEGMENT LEADING EDGE - Numerous reinforcements improve durability, the main tube together with the transverse tubes are made of the most durable Dacron. Additionally, the leading edge has been reinforced along the entire seam to protect it from damage from blows in the waves, making the Swell one of the most durable kites on the market. Very durable, Kevlar reinforcements protect it against unwanted abrasions.
  • FIT ALL VALVE- Flat all-valve which makes it easy to pump, fits all pumps, you don't have to waste time looking for the right tip.
  • NEW! TRIFLOW - Triangular panels at the main tube create a smooth material, thanks to which the airflow is even smoother, which results in greater efficiency and stability of the kite, so you can focus on what you really like.


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Size (m2) Knots  Recommended Bar
5.0 17-36 S
6.0 16-34 S
7.0 15-31 M
8.0 14-29 M
9.0 13-26 M
11.0 12-24 M+
13.0 11-22 M+
15.0 10-21 M+/L
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