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PLKB Trainer kite Twister + handles
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PLKB Kite Nova V1 Ultra Light
  • Huge pop will give you a lot of wakestyle fun
  • 5-tube design guarantees high power and stability
  • Ability to set the kite on the bridles according to your preferences
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PLKB Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Raw


Sizes: 7m | 9m | 11m | 13m

A 5-line wakestyle kite designed for maximum pop, for those who want to take the wakestyle even higher. Raw is all about power, speed and unhocked tricks. 5 cross tubes make the kite strong, stable and very predictable during freestyle. Your megaloops, boogie loops and big air will take you to the next level.


  • HARDCORE 5 LINES C-SHAPE - Perfect feeling of the kite thanks to the 5-line construction. The deep C-shape and slim LE provide maximum power gain and minimum line tension while performing the trick.
  • POWERFUL POP AND GREAT SLACK DURNING TRICKS - Raw is designed for maximum power and explosive character when performing a jump. The 5-tube design ensures rigidity that the kite maintains its shape during even the most hardcore megaloops.
  • DIRECT FEEL AND KITE FEEDBACK - While sailing on Raw you have a feeling of connection with the kite, total control, high responsiveness, and directness, thanks to which the kite does exactly what you expect from it. Possibility to set the kite according to your requirements.
  • EXPLOSIVE BOOST - Freestyle character, explosive nature, thanks to its characteristics is the perfect kite if you think about high jumps and unique megaloops.

Technical Features

  • 5TH LINE SETUP - Raw is a hardcore c-shape, thanks to the 5-link construction it is much easier to use. 5 lines provide more power when swimming, performing tricks, what's more, it allows you to easily restart the kite from the water.
  • 5 STRUT FRAMES - Thanks to the 5-tube construction, Raw is responsive and sensitive to the work of the bar, which makes it perfect for trying new tricks and improving the already known ones.
  • STOP 'N GO SAFETY SYSTEM - Numerous reinforcements on the entire surface of the kite. The full-length main tube is double-edged with the most durable Dacron. To protect it from damage when falling into the water, making it one of the most durable kites on the market. All bridles attachment points are reinforced with Dacron inserts on the inside.
  • FIT ALL VALVE- Flat all-valve which makes it easy to pump, fits all pumps, you don't have to waste time looking for the right tip.


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Size (m2) Knots Recommended Bar
7.0 18-36 S
9.0 16-31 S
11.0 15-28 M
13.0 19-25 M
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