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PLKB Kite Lynx V5
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PLKB Kite Nova V1
  • The large number of chambers makes the kite very stable and has no side thrust, which makes it perfect for learning foil.
  • PLKB combined the best features of an inflatable kite with a chamber kite in designing the Nova V1
  • Thanks to the use of closed chambers, the kite does not take on water after falling into the & nbsp;
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PLKB Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Nova V1


Sizes: 4m | 6m | 8m | 10m | 12m

Nova V1 Ultralight is 25% lighter than a standard kite, PLKB specialists used Porcher Canopy 27/32 material, thanks to which Nova V1 Ultralight flies from 5 knots.

A stable closed-chamber kite with a depower! Safe, easy to use, and a huge wind range, these features guided the designers while designing this kite. Its blades, very well against the wind and is great in the upper and lower wind range, which makes it an ideal kite for learning foil. Maximum control thanks to the use of a lot of chambers will ensure that the Nova is always there on the wind window you want, and thanks to the fact that the kite does not tend to over-pull in the power zone, you can focus on working with the foil board. Even when the kite falls into the water, it is not a problem, the Nova rises from it as easily as its pumped counterparts, thanks to the technology of air transfer between the chambers and check valves, thanks to which the air from the kite does not escape when it falls into the water.


  • LITTLE FORCES ON THE BAR AND SLIGHT SIDE DRAFT - In order to be able to master the foil safely, the kite should help and that's what Nova is like, it does not pull sideways, it will always position itself where you direct it, thanks to which you can focus on the board.
  • GREAT KITCHEN STABILITY AND STIFFNESS - Thanks to the use of numerous internal chambers, the design of Nova makes the kite strong, does not deform, is tuned to ensure maximum stability, Nova has been tuned to provide more power than the average air-pump kite, thanks to which it is even in light winds you can use a small kite size.
  • VERY EASY TO CONTROL AFTER A PUMP KITCHEN - Many Riders would love to switch to cell kites but find them difficult to master, this is where Nova comes in, combining the best features of an inflatable kite with a chambered kite.

Technical Features

  • MEDIUM ASPECT RATIO, NUMEROUS CHAMBERS - The Medium Aspect Ratio, many chambers make Nova very responsive to the wind, it is highly stable and allows the kite to be used in a wide wind range.
  • HIGH END PARAGLIDER CANOPY - Ripstop 30D nylon material provides a durable and rigid structure.
  • ONE LINE RELAUNCH - Easy launch with a single line even when the kite falls into the water, the closed-chamber design prevents water from seeping in.
  • SINGLE DESIGNS - To achieve maximum performance across the entire size range, each size has individual design features that provide a great balance across the entire wind range, easy handling, and incredible stability.
  • REINFORCED BRIDLE POINTS - No bridles attachment points are double stitched and reinforced with a Dacron patch, which ensures strength and durability, this is a Peter Lynn innovation that has defended itself over time.


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Size (m2) Weight Kite (kg) Knots Recommended Bar Color
8.0 1.257 7-28 M Blue
10.0 1.488 6-24 M Red
12.0 1.698 5-20 M Green
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