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  • The most versatile PLKB kite
  • Very stable, so the first tricks will be even easier
  • Larger sizes are great for low wind kites
  • Large wind range, so each of your sessions can last longer than before
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PLKB Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Hook V2


Sizes: 4m | 6m | 8m | 10m | 12m | 14m | 16m

The most versatile kite from the Peter Lynn Kiteboarding stable has been designed to combine comfort with exceptional performance. Hook V2 is designed for everyone regardless of their skill level, beginner kitesurfers will appreciate the fact that its power grows very smoothly and that it is easy to swim against the wind, thanks to which your skills will grow quickly, then Hook V2 is ready to start your first jumps tricks, here he shows a lot of understanding, giving soft landings and a lot of Big Air. With this kite you will improve and refine your technique down to the smallest detail, starting with long frigate tacks and ending with jumps. Low forces on the bar allow for many hours of sessions without unnecessary overload.


  • BOOSTING & HANG-TIME - Designed for maximum progress, the high AR provides the tremendous speed you need to feel the power and perform all jumps with ease, and the easy controls allow for a comfortable landing.
  • GREAT HANDLIN AND FEEDBACK - The kite has a 4-point mount with one pulley, which makes it very responsive and fast, while giving a lot of freedom combined with great stability, you will feel safe, feeling that you are in full control.
  • LIGHT WIND & UPWIND PERFORMANCE - Larger sizes are perfect for lighter winds, because they are light and well-balanced, you will swim even when others are already leaving the water, perfect for kitesurfers who want to keep exercising. Thanks to the high AR, Hook V2 is great for swimming against the wind, it is also an excellent option for foil.
  • EXPECTIONAL WIND RANGE - Large wind range allows for even longer sessions, thanks to the new design of the main tube, the Hook V2 has a great lower wind range without losing the upper one.

Technical Features

  • TRIFLOW TRIANGULAR - Triangular panels at the main tube create a smooth material, thanks to which the airflow is even smoother, which results in greater efficiency and stability of the kite, so you can focus on what you really like.
  • ADJUSTABLE BAR PRESSURE - Regulation aimed at setting the kite so that it is most suited to your style.
  • 5-STRUT HIGH ASPECT RATIO - Classic 5-tube structure built for huge hangtime, high speed, and easy-going against the wind.
  • DOUBLE SIITCHED LEADING EDGEM - Double-stitched edges, durable Dacron, edge reinforcement attack along the seam with double stitching, makes the Escape V8 the strongest kite on the market.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE CANOPY - The combination of the highest quality materials and the latest construction techniques allowed to create a strong and durable kite that will never let you down.


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Size (m2) Knots Recommended Bar
4.0 20-40 S
6.0 17-38 M
8.0 16-34 M
10.0 13-29 M+
12.0 9-23 M+
14.0 7-20 L
16.0 5-16 L
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