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  • Ultra light material
  • Low weight and huge depower provide a wide wind range
  • Lots of hangtime
  • High Aspect Ratio guarantees great stability
  • Light weight
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PLKB Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Aero V2


Sizes: 8m | 10m | 12m | 14m | 15m | 16m | 18m

Easy take-off, acceleration to dizzying speeds, swimming when it's hardly windy and he still wants to accelerate. It is a true No. 1 racing kite, it combines remarkable acceleration with moderate bar response and remarkable stability. Aero V2 is a closed-chamber kite that will give you new opportunities, lots of hangtime, even in what conditions you never thought about getting on the water, so you will do what you really like more often. The Aero V2 was created to make you feel one with the kite, regardless of whether you are a competitor or simply like low wind sessions, ease of use and great performance, will appeal to every kitesurfing connoisseur.


  • HUGE WIND RANGE - Constructed of ultra-light materials, it works in very light wind, while its advanced construction and huge depower ensure that you will keep control of the kite when it deflects more.
  • HIGH STABILITY - A wide wind range, large depower adjustment make the kite perfectly traverse the edge of the wind window, and you can focus on winning the race or simply training your skills.
  • GREAT ACCELERATION - Designed with racing in mind, it is very fast but with great stability. By setting the kite on the tack, we get incredible speed and power.
  • TAKES YOU TO THE PODIUM - Whether you're competing in kite competitions in the Caribbean, snowkiting in the Alps, buggies in the desert, or just racing with your buddy, the Aero V2 always gives you an edge.

Technical Features

  • INNOVATIVE SHAPE – Smooth leading edge thanks to aerodynamics derived from para glider kites.
  • HIGH ASPECT RATIO - Makes the kite cut through the wind like a knife, allowing great speeds.
  • STRENGTHENED HITCH POINTS – Because the A bridle transfers the greatest stress, its hooks are reinforced with a double Dacron patch, while the B and C bridles are reinforced with a nylon patch, thanks to which the weight of the kite has been reduced.
  • REDUCING BRIDLE TENSION – Internal construction allows for even distribution of bridles and kite material.
  • MINIMIZING TRAINING EDGE TURBULENCE – By placing mini ribs between the ribs, the entire material of the kite is more compact and therefore transmits less vibration.
  • RONSTAN® ORBIT PULLEYS – Allow loads up to 250 kg!


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Size (m2) Knots Recommended Bar
6.0 15-36 M
8.0 13-32 M
10.0 10-28 M
12.0 9-25 M
14.0 8-23 M/L
15.0 7-21 L
16.0 6-19 L
18.0 5-17 L
21.0 4-16 L
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