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CRAZYFLY Kiteboard Raptor 2022
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GA-KITES Kiteboard Watts 2022 + bindings
  • PLKB constructors prepared & nbsp; Capital V2 especially for freestyle fans.
  • Full Carbon.
  • Strong pop.
  • Double Velcro straps to make the foot more stable.
  • Light weight.
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PLKB Peter Lynn Kiteboarding board Capital V2


134 × 41.5 | 137 × 42 | 140 × 42.5 | 142 × 43

Full Carbon board dedicated to freestyle, if your sessions are filled with S-Band, Raily to Blind or Boardpass this board is perfect for you. Strong pop will take you to the skies, and thanks to its low weight, learning new tricks will be much easier and faster than before. Wide tips in combination with a stiff core give a lot of pop, and deep rocker ensures comfortable landings. Specially designed channels on the bottom of the board are responsible for efficient water drainage, making it even easier to swim against the wind. The core of the board is made of Paulownia wood, appreciated all over the world for its durability, and the whole is finished with carbon fiber, thanks to which it owes its light weight and great durability.


  • PAULOWNIA WOOD CORE - Provides great durability, while maintaining a very light weight.
  • FULL CARBON CONSTRUCTION - Hard flex and wide tips, this combination gives a huge pop.
  • BALANCED ROCKER - Provides comfort when landing even the highest jumps.
  • SOFT LANDINGS - A soft landing is provided by a double diffuser bottom.
  • 3D BOTTOM SHAPE - Provides great grip, perfectly drains water, resulting in great control.
  • FINY - 40 mm G10 make the board directly stuck to the watery.
  • DUAL VELCRO FOOT STRAPS - Double Velcro on the foot provides great leg support in the strap.


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Size (cm) Rider's weight in straps (kg) Rider's weight in shoes (kg)
134 × 41.5  down 65  down 55 
137 × 42  65-75  55-70 
140 × 42.5  75-90  70-85 
142 × 43  from 90  from 85 
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