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NEILPRYDE Women Wetsuit Serene Fullsuit 5/4/3 BZ C1 black
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NEILPRYDE Womens wetsuit Serene Fullsuit 5/4/3 BZ Black

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NEILPRYDE Womens wetsuit Vamp Fullsuit 3/2 FZ

The Vamp is the perfect balance of flexibility and warmth. Extend your sessions thanks to lightweight, quick dry polypropylene inner insulation panels and enjoy great comfort with our Apex-Plus stretchy neoprene.


  • KEY LOOP - Elastic key loop located on the inside for storing your key.
  • APEX MESH - Closed-cell neoprene that is heat sealed on the outer to create a rubber texture that is waterproof to cut down windchill.
  • AQUAVENTS - Water venting system located at the ankles to release water caught in the suit.
  • GBS SEAMS - Glued and blind stitched. An efficient, watertight seam created through a triple gluing process in conjunction with a blind stitch that does not fully puncture through the rubber.
  • SCS NECK SEAL - Smooth skin neoprene forms a tight seal around the neck to minimize water entry with maximum comfort.
  • ARMORTEX KNEEPADS - Highly durable, abrasion resistant 4-way stretch material around the knees for more protection.
  • DEBOSS KNEE FLEX - The deboss knee flex panel allows for improved movement and flexibility in joint area. It also reduces the material bunching on the knee back.
  • DETACHABLE ANKLE CINCHES - Tighten around the ankles to prevent water from entering.


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EUUSHigh (ft/in)High (cm)Chest (in)Chest (cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)
344 (XS)5'2''-5'4''158-16330-3376-8424-2762-69
366 (S)5'3''-5'5''160-16532-3581-8926-2967-74
388 (M)5'5''-5'7''165-17034-3786-9428-3172-79
38T8T (MT)5'7''-5'9''170-17534-3786-9428-3172-79
4010 (L)5'7''-5'9170-17536-3991-9930-3377-84
40T10T (LT)5'9''-5'11''175-18036-3991-9930-3377-84
4212 (XL)5'9''-5'11''175-18037-4094-10232-3582-89
42T12T (XLT)5'10''-6'0''178-18337-4094-10232-3582-89
4414 (XXL)5'10''-6'0''178-18339-4299-10634-3786-94
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