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LOFTSAILS Foil Set Impulse 1100 Freeride
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NEILPRYDE Windsurf foil Glide Wind HP 2021
  • Accessible high-performance foil
  • Designed for freeride and freerace
  • Carbon wings
  • Aluminium mast
  • Well known NeilPryde's quality
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NEILPRYDE Windsurf foil Flight FR 2021

The Flight FR is the latest evolution of NeilPryde's accessible high-performance freeride foil range for real world sailors. It is less intimidating than full carbon foils and still delivers exceptional speed in a wide wind range.

Compatible with high performance freeride, and pure specialized foil boards, the FLIGHT FR not only offers great lift, stability and control, but is even faster than many other full carbon foils in the market.

NP team riders have expressed that this is the most fun windsurfing foil in the range, and freestylers have even been choosing this over any other foil for freestyle foiling. Truly an all-round foil for everyone.


  • BASE SYSTEM - New CNC reinforced base construction. Two deep titanium vertical tube connections to the mast for maximum strength, eliminating movement and offering perfect load transfer. Avoids vibration around the upper attachment area. Choose your base system depending on your sport.
  • CONSTRUCTION - All foils are supplied with a T-40 torx drive, and come with titanium plated stainless steel bolts for maximum strength to weight ratio, preventing any corrosion problems.
  • FRONT CONNECTION - Integrated Wing/Fuselage connection offers double the strength of the previous design and will be shared with the new racing foils.
  • MAST - 85cm aluminum mast. Optimized structure with two CNC female base system inserts ensuring maximum strength. Hollow construction to reduce weight combined with x3 vertical cross-ribs for maximum stiffness. Sanded mast trailing edge to avoid planning turbulence noise. Tempered, salt water corrosion resistant 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • WINGS - FLIGHT wings are made of pre-preg carbon layup with inner foam construction for maximum durability to weight ratio. This setup creates a natural tendency to roll into turns maintaining a nice balance during your ride.
    The front wing is designed with a pronounced rounded “angle of attack” and an elliptical bend shape. While flying, this thick leading edge on the front wing naturally closes the radius of your turn, tightening it.
    Far back, the angled down tail wings maintain a self- stabilizing roll allowing an easy turning performance. During this momentum, the GLIDE tail wing will always come back to a flat position, stabilizing the turn.


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