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Womens impact vest NeilPryde Storm Impact Front Zip Black
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Mens impact vest NeilPryde Combat Foil Impact Side Zip Black

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The NeilPryde Combat Foil Impact Side Zip protective waistcoat is ideal for kitesurfing and towed sports that require extra protection. The zipper located on the side is very convenient to use.

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It is well-fitted and comfortable, made from the highest quality Yamamoto limestone neoprene with soft segmented foam to protect the upper body from impact. The waistcoat has a velcro zip to prevent the waistcoat from unintentionally unzipping during your sessions and a drawstring. The Apex-flex zone located on the back will give you freedom of movement and the protective pads will not shift position even during your most extreme tricks. No matter how demanding your training is, the waistcoat will not be an obstacle. The Combat Foil will give you freedom of movement, which is extremely important when performing maneuvers.

Product highlights

Body protection

A safety waistcoat should be an integral part of your equipment. It will protect you in the event of an impact. It will make you feel safer and more secure during your time on the water

Comfortable fastening

The zip at the side has a velcro fastener to prevent the waistcoat from unzipping itself

Freedom of movement

The waistcoat adapts perfectly to your body without restricting your movements, which is important when participating in water sports. Apex-flex zone on the back gives you complete freedom of movement


Apex-flex zone

Ensures freedom of movement. Protective pads do not change their position even during the most intensive sessions

Side Zip

It provides ease and comfort when putting the waistcoat on and taking it off. It has a velcro fastener at the end which, when fastened, will prevent the waistcoat from unfastening even during extreme activities


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