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Rear wing Duotone Aero C
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UNIFIBER Navigator Back Wing 310

Introducing the Glide Swift: a universal, interchangeable, and modular rear wing suitable for everyone, from beginners to experts! Enhance the performance of your foil, expand its wind range, and improve turning capabilities. Compatible with all GLIDE SURF or GLIDE WIND models.

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The stabilizer has a wing-shaped, boomerang-like design with upward-pointing wingtips. It is optimized for a balance between speed, stability, and maneuverability. In terms of stability, it surpasses its equivalents for a given surface area due to its characteristic curvature. At the same time, it offers extremely responsive yet forgiving turns.

Riders Note: “Since I’ve tried the Swift for the first time I was in love with the foil! It is so intuitive, easy to use and has superior maneuverability. The perfect Foil for an unforgettable day on the water” ~ Vinnicius Martins

Product highlights

Carbon construction

Made of high-performance carbon for best stiffness and light weight


More stable than wings from other brands of similar dimensions, extremely responsive, and forgiving


All wings from the GLIDE system are universal. This means that if you have a GLIDE SURF or GLIDE WIND foil, you can add GLIDE SWIFT wings and vice versa.

Optimum shape

Optimized for speed, maneuverability, and control, it is suitable for all disciplines: race, freestyle, and wave


Maximized efficiency

The innovative Delta center area and the unique High Aspect Wings ensure early and easy lift in combination with an unsurpassed glide and maximum speed. The GLIDE SWIFT CARBON is the perfect choice for EVERYONE, from beginners to newcomers.

One wing fits all

All GLIDE HP and GLIDE SWIFT front wings and stabilizers are interchangeable and modular.


This is a departure from the original Glide foil concept. The Glide Swift is a medium / high aspect ratio foil which combines the glide and performance of high aspect ratio foils with the ease of use of medium aspect ratio foils.

The aspect ratio of the front wings changes from 9.1 in the smallest 600cm2 wing to 7.3 in the biggest 1450 cm2 wing. This allows us to maximize the glide in each size without the larger wings becoming difficult to turn and control.

The super stiff carbon mast and optimized mast-fuselage connection provide maximum speeds and a direct steering feel with their high stability. The integrated blended-fuselage connection reduces drag and improves stiffness by increasing chord thickness at the fuse. The turned up, rounded wing tips deliver optimum performance while reducing the risk of injury.

All parts of the Glide system are compatible with one and other. You can choose to purchase an entire new Glide Swift system or just the front and tail wings.


Foil Glide Swift Carbon has already proved its value and efficiency letting Yentel Caers (teamrider JP-Australia/NeilPryde) win the first foil freestyle competition this year!


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Rear wings

Size Area cm2) Compatibility
Glide Swift 210 210 6, 8, 10
Glide Swift 270 270 12, 14


Mast options

Glide HM Carbon

Glide Surf Carbon


Foil head

Foil Plate

Foil Plate
Power Box
Deep Tuttle Box

Fuselage options Aluminium
Front wings Glide HP: 11 (1130), 13 (1300), 15 (1490), 17 (1650), 19 (1850), 21 (2100), 23 (2270)
Glide Swift: 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1450
Rear wings

Glide HP: 2.0 (200), 2.5 (250)
Glide Swift: 210, 270


Aluminium masts must be used with Aluminium fuselages.

Carbon masts mast be used with Carbon fuselages.

All Glide HP and Swift front and tail wings fit all fuselages.

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