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Volt is an amazing freestyle / wave sail. Features 5 batten construction, wide wind range, stability, good acceleration and easy handling. Very controllable and stable in overpowered conditions. It’s fast, agile and manoeuvrable. Recommended for intermediate riders and above who don’t want to hold on tight with one riding style but like to mix it up. Smaller sizes are more oriented towards wave riders and bigger ones for freestylers. You can call this sail ultimate all in freestyle/wave sail thanks to its diversity and versatility. The best performance is provided with RDM mast, however, you can also use it with SDM masts. Easy to control, pumping is effortless and efficient. It comes with durable construction with good profile and plenty of power generated in low-end. Available also in HD version (heavy duty) which is reinforced on the entire area, it makes it unbreakable and resistant to hard crashes and wipe-outs on the waves.


  • Set & Go VarioTop
    From the first rigging now the length of the vario top is set correctly. Easy to read length indicators show the perfect setting in relation to the used mast length which eliminates any testing and readjustment!
  • Double Seam Technology
    NorthSails stands for unsurpassed quality that guarantees a longer life for our sails. The triple zig-zag seams significantly contribute to this. And they don‘t come, as usual, in a single, but in a double version! They cover all exposed crash areas that would otherwise be damaged. The result is higher resistance to tear and a reduction of stretch by up to 50% as a result of the second seam, also benefiting profile stability and performance. Only the DOUBLE.SEAM.TECHNOLOGY by NorthSails can deliver this!
  • HTS Harnessline Trim System
    Forget the time-consuming search for the ideal harness line position, the numb forearms, and the endless fiddling around! The patented print on the sail shows exactly where the center of the harness line has to be. Just position the two ends symmetrically at the left and right of the print, that‘s all.
  • Individual Boom Length Indication
    Since the boom is positioned at different points on the mast depending on the rider‘s height, the ideal boom length varies due to the different angles. To make it easier to find the right length fast, the individual recommendations are written directly on the luff panel at boom level.
  • VTS Visual Trim System
    Even newcomers can immediately trim the sail 100% correctly. Simply downhaul the sail until the boarderline of the loose leech reaches the “min dot“ or “max dot“ (depending on the wind speed). That’s it! The exclusive VTS acts like a turbocharger, ensuring maximum performance and an extended range of use.
  • Epoxy Batten
    There is no higher load on the equipment as you get during Wave riding or Freestyle. Brute forces when getting washed or heavy wipe-outs can quickly spoil the fun. For this reason, from now on all wave and freestyle sails (except IDOL_LTD) are equipped with brand new, extremely durable epoxy battens that can really survive anything.
  • New Hollow Lower Leech - with additional mini batten stabilizes the profile right above boom and prevents leech flattering
  • Radial Load Stripes - at the clew improve the stability and extend the wind range
  • 200 grams lower weight due to Weight Optimized Panel Layout
  • 5.3 now designed around the RDM 400 and 430 mast
  • Extremely sturdy, unbreakable epoxy battens
  • Designed to work best on RDM masts but still fully compatible with our SDM masts
  • 2 Year Warranty - to get an additional 3 year Warranty register product on producer’s website


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SIZE Boom max (cm) Luff max (cm) Vario top Battens Weight (kg) Mast Type (Best/Alt.) Mast Geo (Best/Alt.) Mast Length (Best/Alt.)
3.4 140 358 5 2.85/2.90 Platinum / Gold / Silver RDM/SDM 370/400
3.7 148 366 5 2.90/2.95 Platinum / Gold / Silver RDM/SDM 370/400
4.0 152 391 5 3.05/3.10 Platinum / Gold / Silver RDM/SDM 370/400
4.2 158 397 5 3.15/3.20 Platinum / Gold / Silver RDM/SDM 370/400
4.5 163 403 5 3.25/3.30 Platinum / Gold / Silver RDM/SDM 370/400
4.7 164 404 5 3.30/3.35 Platinum / Gold / Silver RDM/SDM 400/370
5.0 169 411 5 3.45/3.50 Platinum / Gold / Silver RDM/SDM 400
5.3 173 434 5 3.60/3.65 Platinum / Gold / Silver RDM/SDM 400/430
5.6 178 434 5 3.75/3.80 Platinum / Gold / Silver RDM/SDM 430
5.9 181 444 5 3.85/3.90 Platinum / Gold / Silver RDM/SDM 430
6.4 188 454 5 3.95/4.00 Platinum / Gold / Silver RDM/SDM 430
6.9 191 494 5 4.25/4.30 Platinum / Gold / Silver SDM/RDM 460/430+CX
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