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Trust bar 5th element is 5 line bar dedicated for North kites. Available in 4 lines length - 19, 22, 24 or 27 meters. You can chose two adjustable lengths of the bar. S/M bar allow you to chose length 42 or 49cm and M/L bar is 46 or 53cm long. In 5 line bars safety system is based on 5th (middle) line and with Iron Heart safety system it gives you 100% safety on the water in every situation. Vario Cleat allows you to quickly and easily adjust power of the kite with one single line.
Thanks to 5th line relaunch of the kite is effortless, especially in marginal wind conditions. For advanced riders there is option to connect in suicide mode. Also you can demount the donkey stick easily if you are advanced freestyle rider. You also have stopper on the depower line which is very useful for riders with shorter hands and big air tricks. Diameter of the bar grip has been reduced, this allowed to use more soft eva foam which increased comfort and stability of the grip. Floaters on the sides of the bar make water relaunch much more comfortable and protect your hands. Iron Heart Quick Release thanks to its simplicity and efficiency is one of the best and most reliable safety systems on the market. Reassembling it takes only few seconds. You can adjust bar length thanks to winding posts on the corners of the bar. Roto Head aloow you to untangle your lines within blink of an eye no matter how many rotations or Kiteloops you’ve done it’s simple and easy.


  • 5 line bar
  • Vario Cleat depower
  • Iron Heart safety system
  • Chicken loop with roto head
  • Available suicide connection
  • Bar covered with soft eva foam for best grip

Set includes

  • Comlete 5 line Trust Bar
  • Safety leash
  • Manual


  • Winding Posts
    Made out of fully moulded fibreglass reinforced Polyamide construction, which gives amazingly lightweight solution and increased stiffness. To ensure rider`s maximum comfort there is moulded EVA cushioning. Rider can trim the rear lines when needed thanks to integrated backline adjustment which is feature in The Winding Posts.
    ATTENTION: Don`t ride without the cover. It prevents the know of the leader line from slipping out of its housing.
  • Integrated EVA Floater
    To offer seamless connection, moulded EVA floater is fully integrated into the winding posts, which protects the rider and lines much better. Integration of this floater also prevents lines tangling and overall gives better stiffness between bar and the lines. To give better and more direct thumb feedback, push pin has been added on the outside of the winding post for accessible operation. Flip-Flop system grants you option to switch width (53cm and 46cm) for M/L and (49cm and 42cm) for S/M bar with just one click. It makes bar setup change much simpler.
  • Plastic, fitted centre hole
    To minimise wear on the depower line, insert of the centre hole is exchangeable and made of plastic. Material used by NKB is resistant to abrasion and even if sand is present, it will cause much less damage to the line itself.
  • Sticky and Ergonomic Bar Grip
    Very thick EVA bar grip is allowed by small diameter of the bar. This gives superb comfort and control.
  • Iron Heart
    NKB Iron Heart is one of the best safety systems on the market and in continuously improved further to give the best and reliable piece of safety equipment. Improved for easy, safe and instant release, coupled with ability to continue flying by quickly reassemble the unit.
  • Moulded Chicken Loop & Chicken Dick
    Removing Chicken Dick or exchanging Chicken Loop never been easier thanks to the grub screw. Just use a FCS fin key to remove screws. Comfort and easy reassembling is allowed by flexible and moulded construction. It`s very easy to hook back after UH tricks as the loop stays in shape because of warp resistance and dimensional stability.
  • Standard
    Each and every NKB bar gives choice to ride with standard safety mode or easy to fix “suicide” mode which is recommended only for experienced riders with special requirements.
  • Suicide Mode
    WARNING: NKB recommend to always ride with standard safety mode. Only this gives 100% depower and safety. Riders who use suicide mode must be aware of possible consequences and aware of the responsibility.
  • The Reverse Release Pin
    The main feature in the Iron Heart IV and key of the smart release mechanism is reverse release pin. To protect your hand it hinged to the inside, unlike other safety systems. The RRP enables you to release with smallest effort and provides incredibly low release forces.
  • Roto Head
    The Roto Head allows you to untangle lines while riding for example after kitloops or rotational jumps. No corrosion is possible thanks to exceptionally durable plastic construction.
  • Vario Clit and Sliding Stopper
    Accesible and fast adjustment of the depower stroke is enabled by Vario Clip and Sliding Stopper. Very useful for riders who have problems reaching the bar in default setting. The height of Sliding Stopper can be adjusted to personal preferences very easily. Special channel for the 5th line greatly reduces the risk of 5th line getting tangled.
  • Safety Leash
    Safety Leash gives great floatation, ease of handling and safety. EVA construction covering the hook is soft and prevents lines from tangling. EVA cover can be easily pulled back to allow hooking in and out to suicide ring at chicken loop. To allow you to completely release the kite at any time, safety release function is at the end of leash, where it`s connected to harness.
    A small diameter of the bar allows a very thick EVA bar grip. This offers ideal control and comfort.


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