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  • Sizes: 128x37 / 132x38 / 136x39
  • Type: Freeride
  • Model: 2018

The Soleil is one of the original kiteboards designed for women by women.

The narrow shape makes it easier to control, especially when carving from rail to rail. The Carbon Beam not only reduces the weight but also increases the responsiveness and handling of the board. A softer flex pattern is used to enable lighter riders to get the best pop while improving the comfort of the ride in choppy conditions.

North has spent years developing the ultimate kiteboard for women, don’t settle for anything less!


  • NKB Soleil kiteboard
  • Set of fins
  • Grip handle
  • Board cover

Not included


  • Soft flex
  • Step mono concave bottom
  • Premium construction
  • NTT binding recommended
  • Narrower shape designed for women
  • Carbon Beam for increased reactivity and reduced weigth
  • Dynamic flex

Soft Flex

Soft Flex boards are the most friendly and “easy to use” boards. The Soft flex option is forgiving and simply fun to ride, even if you are an unexperienced rider. However, the Soft Flex option is also suitable for more lightweight riders.

Absorption Flex Tips

Based on construction of the tip area on the board, scoop rocker grants much feedback to changing situations. Board remains flat for quick planning in underpowered riding, on the contrary in powered riding scoop bends for increased stability and level of control. Flex tips are enabling soft landings and absorb shocks.

Torsion Flex

Specially shaped 3D cap allow torsion of long axis of the board. Giving more heel-side edge grip, smooth landings and much better performance with direct drive.

Step Mono Concave

The step mono concave is the fastest and the easiest to ride bottom concept. It can be carved easily through turns and always delivers right grip. It planes early, allows smaller fins and helps you to go upwind with ease.

Beam Carbon

Parts of the glass fibre are being replaced by unidirectional carbon. This reduces the weight by about 10 % while retaining the same durability as classic glass fibre construction boards. Highly durable, lightweight boards are the outcome.


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SIZE 128x37 132x38 136x39
RIDER WEIGTH <60 kg 55-70 kg 65 - 85 kg
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