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MISTRAL Inflatable SUP Board JAVA 9'6

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This board was inspired by rigid inflatable boat (RIB) design and is presented in stark marine white and grey colours. Designed with yacht and boat users in mind as an additional watercraft and cruiser. What is interesting, there is an option to attach a kayak seat so the user can sit on the deck and paddle in a kayak style. This permits greater versatility of the board and makes it easy to paddle in choppy waters or when the wind picks up. It is also great alternative and solution for very long trips. Combine it all with durable, rigid, inflatable technology and you will get a eye catching water craft, set to inspire the imagination of the yacht and boat user.

Works great if you need to cruise back to shore for supplies or use it as sunbathing platform. You also can use it as secondary safety craft. You can store it on deck or even below it, Nautique’s versatility is unique and will fit to any purpose. Board is made in innovative, strong and lightweight Fusion Layer Technology which enhances its overall performance and makes it much more stiffer.



  • Cargo capacity recommended front and back <20kgs (44lbs)
  • Stainless steel D-ring connector,
  • Nose and tail D-ring for towing or anchoring
  • Rear grab handle
  • Simple slide in, slide out fin / push pin securement
  • Bow and rear cargo net
  • D-rings for kayak seat fitment
  • Central carry handle
  • Multiple side handles for easy grab and reach from any angle
  • Splashguard around bow
  • Forward grab handle
  • Bumper nose shape
  • High volume to carry heavy loads
  • New 2017 Bag and Pump

Set includes

  • 2017 Mistral Nautique Maritime iSUP
  • Pump - efficient, dual or single action with wide
  • Travel bag - wheeled, durable bag with big capacity and waterproof internal lining
  • Repair kit

Fusion Layer Techology

Powerful pump

Travel bag with wheels


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Nautique Maritime 12’6 x 32”
  • Volume - 394 l
  • Length - 12’6” / 381 cm
  • Width - 32” / 81,28 cm
  • Thickness - 6” / 15,24 cm
  • Weight - 9,5 kg / 21,0 lbs
Nautique Maritime 11’5 x 32”
  • Volume - 353 l
  • Length - 11’5” / 348 cm
  • Width - 32” / 81,28 cm
  • Thickness - 6” / 15,24 cm
  • Weight - 9,0 kg / 20,0 lbs
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