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  • Mast for the most hardcore riders! It will withstand literally everything!
  • 90% carbon
  • Compatible with most sails on the market!
  • Constant Curve (CC) bend characteristics
  • Cover included
  • Warranty: 2 years no question asked
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MAVERX Windsurf mast MX RDM Rhino C90

  • Sizes: 340 / 370 / 400 / 430
  • Diameter: RDM

An entirely new mast line - the result of a different approach to the issue. This is not a "slightly worse 100% carbon" type mast. RHINO was created to cope with the toughest conditions and rough treatment. It will withstand the longest trips, the most intense sessions, and countless falls and beatings. It is the perfect mast for practising new tricks when the number of successful attempts is smaller than the number of falls.

MaverX 90 Rhino is absolutely reliable and the most durable mast in the MaverX range and can really be "abused".

The appropriately selected Constant Curve bending characteristic ensures that it works with most sails on the market, without worrying about their performance and behaviour on the water. To achieve maximum durability, designers added more layers of carbon, making the mast thicker and more resistant to impacts. It is made of T700 carbon fibers - crucial for optimal performance, with a lightweight addition of fiberglass to increase its durability. Its weight is slightly higher, but not without reason. An excellent choice for riders sailing in difficult spots. Rhino MX90 is a mast that will give you 110% confidence and trust in your equipment!


  • Compatible with most sails on the market!
  • Constant Curve (CC) bend characteristics
  • 90% carbon
  • Special coating prevents the boom from sliding
  • The hard EVA cork reduces the risk of the mast getting stuck
  • Warranty: 2 years no question asked
  • Cover included
  • 100% made in Italy
  • MaverX belongs to Reglass company - first which brought carbon fibers on the windsurfing market


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Size (cm) Mast diameter Carbon content Bend Curve IMCS Mastbag Weight (kg)
340 RDM 85% CC 15 1.45
370 RDM 85% CC 17 1.65
400 RDM 85% CC 19 1.85
430 RDM 85% CC 21 2.15
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