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  • Mast designed for riders looking for maximum performance!!
  • Ultra light 
  • Compatible with most sails on the market!
  • Constant Curve (CC) bend characteristic
  • Reinforced cover included in the set
  • Warranty: 2 years no question asked
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MAVERX Windsurf mast Superleggero RDM C100

  • Sizes: 340 / 370 / 400 / 430 / 460
  • Diameter: RDM

The Superleggero mast is truly a top-of-the-line product! It was designed for discerning windsurfers who demand the highest levels of uncompromising performance. This is the most advanced mast in the MaverX RDM collection. Its performance is so unparalleled compared to other manufacturers' masts that designers expect the Superleggero to have a lasting impact on the world of windsurfing. This is a complete revision of its predecessor, which was introduced to the market 5 years ago. The main goals of the redesign were to achieve the best reflex and responsiveness. The Superleggero mast is made of 100% high modulus carbon fiber, which is impregnated with a special resin to provide maximum resistance to compression, wear, and torsion. As a result, the mast is much more responsive and under load, it offers 30% more resistance compared to typical T800 carbon fiber.

One of its biggest advantages is that the Superleggero mast is incredibly lightweight. In larger sizes (400-430-460) usually used in larger wave or foil sails, when the wind is relatively weak, the Superleggero makes a huge difference in acceleration and, consequently, in the predicted dynamic entry into planing. In the smallest size (340-370), its ultra-light weight makes it an ideal choice for lighter riders or anyone looking for the lightest setup to achieve maximum performance. The Superleggero is slightly thinner compared to the traditional RDM shape in its upper part, which allows the sail to "breathe" more, catching every gust of wind. The increased reflex allows the sail profile to return to its shape faster after jibes or maneuvers.

The Superleggero is one of the lightest masts on the market, and probably the one with the fastest reflex. Its carbon processing technology is of the best and most advanced quality, leaving no room for compromise. This mast was designed with the highest performance in mind, in wave, freestyle, and foil disciplines. Maximum slimming and a special combination of materials mean that Superleggero masts require exceptional care. The manufacturer has prepared a special reinforced cover for storage and transport.

Despite its extraordinary durability during use, particular care should be taken not to drop the mast on stones or hard surfaces, as this may result in small cracks that, over time, can lead to mast breakage.


  • Compatible with most sails on the market!
  • Constant Curve (CC) bend characteristics
  • Ultra-lightweight (even several hundred grams lighter than equivalents!)
  • 100% high modulus carbon
  • Special coating prevents the boom from sliding
  • The hard EVA cork reduces the risk of the mast getting stuck
  • Warranty: 2 years no question asked
  • Reinforced cover included
  • 100% made in Italy
  • MaverX belongs to Reglass company - first which brought carbon fibers on the windsurfing market


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Size (cm) Mast diameter Carbon content Bend Curve IMCS Mastbag Weight (kg)
340 RDM 100% CC 15 0.92
370 RDM 100% CC 17 1.06
400 RDM 100% CC 19 1.30
430 RDM 100% CC 21 1.45
460 RDM 100% CC 25 1.80
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