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GUL Boots AQUA Junior
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MANERA Neoprene boots Magma 5mm
  • X10D Jersey
  • Donut Cuff system
  • Split fingers
  • Stabilization of the foot
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MANERA X10D boots 3mm

The X10D boot is made to be forgotten. Extremely light, it brings a direct contact with the board and provides the closest sensation to being barefoot. Most of us delay the ''boots time'' as much as possible: When rider feel like we lose the board feeling, we’re less precise, his feet slide inside. Manera offer boots for those who don’t like boots: They keep you warm and comfy, but they are made to be forgotten once in the water while still offering great foot support.


  • X10D Jersey - The X10D inside layer is the most flexible material you can find on a suit, it makes you feel stretch and light, with a good feeling on the skin.
  • DESIGNED IN 3D - When the industry standard is to develop 2D patterns and try to fit it on a 3D body, we decided to break new ground and take the opposite direction. Producer use computer design to model good-fitted hood in 3D, then Manera employ an innovative software that converts it into a precise 2D pattern for the factory. It creates a natural, second-skin fit that makes the MANERA hood stand out.
  • Donut cuff - Boots are closed by a donut cuff which prevents any water from coming in and fill up the boot.
  • Sealing prints - The sealing print around the shin brings a better grip between the wetsuit and the boot. Coupled with the wetsuit SEALING PRINT, it prevents the wetsuit’s leg from rolling up.
  • Split toe - X10D boots feature a split toe. It offers a great foot support and a more natural movement.
  • Foot support - Foot support is essential to get a comfortable and performing neoprene boot. MANERA boots feature ''SIDEWALLS'' on each side of the foot to maintain it. Producer also use a stiffer neoprene around the front of the foot in order to hold the boot structure. Without these features the foot would be able to slide or the boot would deform, which would lead the user to lose his balance, lack precision or even get hurt.
  • Direct drive - Manera soles are super thin in order to keep a direct and precise contact between the foot and the board. The micro-spikes on the sole provide a perfect grip on wax or on a pad.


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Size - EU Size - US Lenght (cm)
37.5 5,5 21
39 6 22
40 7 23
41 8 24
42 9 25
43 9,5 25,5
44 10 26
45 11 27
46 12 28
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