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GA-Sails Windsurf sail AirRide 2023
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LOFTSAILS Windsurf sail Racingblade 2023
  • Sail designed for advanced users for foil racing
  • Increased aspect ratio provides better control in flight
  • 4-cam, 7-batten design provides very stable profile
  • Produced entirely of monofilm-free materials
  • Tekcam 2 cambers for effortless rotation and mast damage reduction
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LOFTSAILS Windsurf sail Skyblade 2023


  • Sizes: 4.3 / 5.2 / 6.1 / 7.0 / 8.0 / 9.0 / 10.0
  • Discipline: Foil Racing

Advanced Skyblade designs carry Loftsails racing pedigree into the world of foiling competition.

Foils generate significantly less drag when compared to fin setups. During flight, the pilot requires speed and precision control. To take full advantage of the low-drag foil setup, Skyblade is designed around a notably high aspect ratio and a reduced leech. This outline is held by a rigid 7 batten, 4 cam frame to create a super-stable foiling machine.

For 2023, the sail profile was further fine-tuned to be slimmer in the back section thus generating more forward drive and better acceleration. A reduced top batten, and a slight increase to the aspect ratio, provides stability to balance the additional power.

The Skyblade line-up is expanded and features new sizes: 6.1, 5.2, 4.3 The new sizes are optimised for strong wind, high speed foiling.

Skyblade construction features x-ply panels for the central window, leech and foot; and bi-ply top panels for extreme UV-resistance. The sails are built to survive both on and off the racecourse.

The 3-layer mast pocket is built using a 2-mil quad axial x-ply. This material is super lightweight and has no folding memory, which helps to maintain the luff in optimum condition.

Additionally, all cambers inducer contact points use Metallic Cam Interfaces to prevent material degradation over time.


LOFTSAILS Windsurf sail Skyblade 2023 - Kevlar Strips

Kevlar Strips

Internal vertical and horizontal Kevlar strip applications define profile and augments stability

LOFTSAILS Windsurf sail Skyblade 2023 - Full X-Ply

Full X-Ply

Higher longevity and UV-resistance

LOFTSAILS Windsurf sail Skyblade 2023 - TekCam II

TekCam II

Easy rotation and gentle on the mast

LOFTSAILS Windsurf sail Skyblade 2023 - Metallic Cam Interface

Metallic Cam Interface

Eliminates contact point degradation characteristic of cams

LOFTSAILS Windsurf sail Skyblade 2023 - Varied Carbon Tubed Battens

Varied Carbon Tubed Battens

Carbon tubes are lightweight and deliver superior stability at the upper end

LOFTSAILS Windsurf sail Skyblade 2023 - X-ply Batten Pocket

X-ply Batten Pocket

Minimizes the asymmetric character of applied batten pockets

LOFTSAILS Windsurf sail Skyblade 2023 - Neoprene Boom Cutout With Zippers

Neoprene Boom Cutout With Zippers

Limits water entry into the mast sleeve

LOFTSAILS Windsurf sail Skyblade 2023 - IYU250 4-Part Mast Pocket

IYU250 4-Part Mast Pocket

Super durable IYU250 is the perfect material between your mast and the elements

LOFTSAILS Windsurf sail Skyblade 2023 - Trim Diamond

Trim Diamond

A reference marker for precision leach-release tunning

LOFTSAILS Windsurf sail Skyblade 2023 - RDM/SDM Compatibility

RDM/SDM Compatibility

TekCam II Large (installed) and Reduced included with sizes 8.6 and smaller

LOFTSAILS Windsurf sail Skyblade 2023 - Blade Mast Pocket

Blade Mast Pocket

Downhaul tension is equalized between the mast panel and the mast pocket resulting in a firm, easy-rotating leading edge


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Size (m2) Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Vario Top Extension (cm) Cams Battens Recommended Mast Weight (kg) Discipline
4.3 378 166 8 4 7 Team Edition 370 SDM 4.86 Foil Racing
5.2 416 180 16 4 7 Team Edition 400 SDM 5.27 Foil Racing
6.1 460 188 30 4 7 Team Edition 430 SDM 5.72 Foil Racing
7.0 492 202 32 4 7 Team Edition 460 SDM 7.98 Foil Racing
8.0 524 218 34 4 7 Team Edition 490 SDM 6.33 Foil Racing
9.0 554 228 34 4 7 Team Edition 520 SDM 6.77 Foil Racing
10.0 576 234 26 4 7 Team Edition 550 SDM 6.96 Foil Racing
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