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The Loftsails SpeedBlade is a dedicated speed sail with exceptional performance and handling comfort. The SpeedBlade showed his potential during the Luderitz Speed competition in 2015 when Erik Beale, the true speedsurfing legend and also manager in the Loftsails speed department, broke his previous record no less than 5 times using a prototype of actual SpeedBlade model. Erik Beale was the fastest-per-kilo-of-bodyweight male competitor proving the Speedblades efficiency in those rad-ical speed conditions.


  • Internal vertical and horizontal Kevlar strip applications at cams – Maintain stability and define shape profiles
  • Blade mast-pocket construction features mast panel and 2-mm. Triax mast-pocket sides (3 layers) that are tensioned directly (all 3 layers under tack pulley webbings) - Therefore downhaul tension is equalized between the mast panel and the mast pocket, resulting in the Speedblade’s firm, clean, easy-rotating leading edge
  • Blade mast-pocket construction - Equalized loading between the mast panel (interior) and the pocket (exterior) - The result is tensioned, firm mast pockets, exceptional durability, rotation ease
  • 4-mm. Dimension Polyant monofilm body panels - proven superior performance
  • Tubed battens with varying carbon content according to performance. The top 3 are specialized 100% carbon tubes – Carbon tubes deliver superior stiffness to maximize stability for your upper end
  • Slick Tekcam2 rotation. (Tekcam2 Large for SDM also supplied) - Easy cam rotation makes your windsurfing experience more enjoyable.
  • Metallic cam interfaces - MCIs eliminate contact point degradation characteristic of cam designs without MCIs
  • Centered battens in X-Ply sleeves. (Alternate pocket sides) - Using similar material for the batten pocket as the body material minimizes asymmetric character of Dacron batten pocket construction that, due to Dacron stretch, allows the batten to stay on the sail side. Pockets made with laminate pockets force the batten to stay centered. This is important to keep the sail symmetrical. - If all batten pockets are Dacron, and mounted on the same side of the sail - the sail will be biased to one tack and rotate unevenly. Loftsails X-Ply batten pockets that alternate sides limit asymmetric character.
  • Streamlined neoprene boom cutout with dual zippers - limits water entry into the mast sleeve during falls, keeping the rig light for a fast recovery
  • RDM/SDM compatible - Both mast types fully compatible to maximize your windsurfing experience.
  • 7-mm. monofilm vertical internal panel (inside mast-pocket) - For profile stability


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I'm into speed since 3 years. This wing is crazy fast. Deep and stable profile, I love it! I hope I break 40knots very soon with this sail!
5.6 416 182 NO 5,42 16 TekCam2 7 400 TEAM EDITION SDM (RDM/SDM)
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