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GA-Sails Light Wingfoil/Windsurf Board Bag
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JP-Australia Windsurf boardbag Light
  • The light padding cushions minor impacts and prevents abrasion and scratches
  • Protects from sunlight and keeps the board cool
  • The cutout allows you to store the board with foil attached
  • 2 sizes
  • Long zipper at the tail for easy pack
  • Comfortable handle
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JP AUSTRALIA Windsurf boardbag Light Hydrofoil

A light cover for a windsurf board, perfect for transporting the equipment, protecting the board against impacts and abrasions.

On the spot, the cover will protect against sunlight, to extend the life of the board.

The availability of 2 sizes will allow you to perfectly match the cover to your board, and the wide-opening zipper will make it easier to remove and pack the equipment, while the additional zipper on the back allows you to store the board with foil attached.


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Length (cm) Width (cm) Dedicated to board
210 80 FreeFoil 105, 115, 130; HydroFoil 120
220 90 HydroFoil 135, 150, HF-Slalom
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