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FANATIC Windsurf board Stingray Foil HRS 2023
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JP-Australia Wing foil board X-Winger PRO 2023
  • Inflatable wingfoil board
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Performance comparable to a composite board
  • Triple Layer Composite Drop Stitch
  • Smooth and comfortable touchdowns
  • Set includes backpack, pump and repair set
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The pure wing foil inflatable. The compact hull and JP’s superior construction provide a stiff feel when flying on the foil. It is super user-friendly as it features all main advantages of inflatables: comfortable and smooth on your skin and knees, light and small for easy transport and storage. There is no better JP board when it comes to pleasurable, enjoyable and hassle-free winging in light winds. Pure wing foiling fun!

The NeilPryde Glide Wind foil fits perfectly and is an ideal choice - top recommendation!

Two sizes (5’4”x27.5” and 6’0”x28.5”) are available since last season, new for the model year 2023 is 5'0" x 27'5". All sizes have footstrap positions for Foiling and Wing-Foiling.


Inflatables have clear advantages over hardboards: They are super comfortable and user-friendly as they are easy to transport and store. These JP inflatable wing foil boards are specially developed and equipped for early take-off, featuring hard rails, 3D stringers and more. Additionally, they come in JP’s superior welded technology.

Comfort: The soft hull is covered with a large, slip-proof EVA sheet for unmatched comfort and a safe stance. You also don’t have to worry about mistakes anymore because you won’t get hurt when falling on it.

Transport and Storage: Rolled up, the boards fit into a backpack – no more need for a car with a roof rack for transport or a big garage for storage. In times when airlines are hesitant to accept windsurf equipment, the boards’ backpack dimensions are a major advantage!

Product highlights

Compact package

When deflated, the board fits into a backpack, which you can easily transport even in a small car

JP-Australia Quality

Each board goes through a strict quality control process to ensure you get a reliable product that meets your expectations


The foil is attached to a special rigid composite plate, which guarantees the rigidity and stability of the structure.


100% wing foiling board offers performance similar to composite boards



The extended G10 Plate at the bottom of the board increases stiffness and guarantees easy handling and carrying of your equipment.


This feature enhances the performance of the boards by allowing a quick water release.


The US Long Track boxes allow different foil positions based on the rider's skills. To remember your individual foil setting, just use the scale printed on the board.

Included accessories

  • Pump
  • SE Backpack
  • Repair kit
  • User manual


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Length (ft) Length (cm) Width (cm) Volume (l) Weight (kg) Fin Box Discipline
5'0 152 67 100 7.20 FOIL TRACK Freeride
5'4 162 70 110 7.70 FOIL TRACK Freeride;Beginners
6'0 182 72 130 8.40 FOIL TRACK Freeride;Beginners
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