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Solid SUP board JP-Australia 23/24 Fusion WE
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Solid SUP board JP-Australia 23/24 Longboard WE
  • Allround SUP with classic surf shape
  • Generous volume for stability
  • Fast on flat water, dynamic turns on waves
  • Bottom shape optimized for handling on wave
  • Comfortable Soft Deck
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The combination of a surfboard outline, subtly curved rocker line and generous volume thinned out on the rails through a step deck is a winning concept that fuses glide and stability with great surfing characteristics. The bottom shapes feature concaves throughout running into a V towards the tail. The V in the tail helps to rail up when going down a wave.

Their noses create efficient lift, and the thinned out rails produce good bite during turns. The 10’2” and the 10’8” are also available as a Soft Deck version and come in a single fin option while all the other sizes come with a thruster set-up. The Fusions have a really good glide and are happy in flat water paddling, but they love the waves.

Product highlights


Surfboard shape with a slight rocker camber for all conditions


The buoyant board guarantees stability, allowing you to both catch waves and float on flat water

Shape of the bottom

The concaves turning into a V at the stern is a combination of comfort and agility. The V at the rear of the board makes it easier to initiate a turn

Soft deck

Soft Deck technology offers a large board surface covered with EVA foam



The comfortable opening on the deck side for a hand supports easy carrying of the board.


Find out where you are whithout looking down before pivot turns. Prevents foot from slipping outside of the pad area during swift turns.


Keep the board close to you in the event of a fall. Quick attachment of the leash to the board thanks to the easily accessible plug.


A SUP with the option to go windsurfing - choose from session to session what you would like to do.


Center fin


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Size Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Fin box Included fin Fin setup Baseplate mount Discipline
10'2'' x 32'' 170 311 82 12.00 US-BOX/FCS IM Stand-Up 9.0'' Single/Thruster Insert Allround/Surf
10'8'' x 34'' 193 325 87 13.00 US-BOX/FCS IM Stand-Up 9.0'' Single/Thruster Insert Allround/Surf
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