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FANATIC SUP Paddle Carbon 25 3-pc 2022
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JP-Australia SUP Paddle Carbon three piece adjustable
  • Dedicated paddle for recreational paddling
  • Comfortable and rough grip
  • Low weight combined with natural flex
  • Three pieces construction enables easy transport
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JP SUP Glass Paddle 

Fiberglass flexes naturally and is therefore easy on your shoulders and back. The stringer inside the “Y” blade creates stiffness while the full fiberglass pressure molded blade is leakproof. The shafts have a horizontally roughened surface for a good grip. Comes with a fiberglass/carbon extension and an ABS handle.

Blade Size 83 in² 160 - 215 cm Length
Blade Size 90 in² 162 - 217 cm Length

Key Features:

  • Glass shaft with horizontally roughened surface
  • "Y" reinforced Glass Blade
  • Safety pin (only the Paddle with 3-parts)
  • Glass extension with anti-twist system
  • Plastic handle


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Size (inch2) Shape Blade Shaft Length (cm) Blade size (cm2) Blade Material Shaft Material Weight (g) +/- 5%
83 Y dihedral blade 160 - 215 535 Fiberglass Fiberglass 850
90 Y dihedral blade 171 - 217 581 Fiberglass Fiberglass 890
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