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Mens impact vest ION Collision Core Front Zip Blue-Gradient
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Impact/buoyancy vest ION Booster X Side Zip unisex Blue

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The ION Booster vest is ideal for all water sports. Whether you are kayaking or foiling, the extra buoyancy will come in handy if you fall into the water. The vest helps to keep you afloat and protects you from impact during falls. Another advantage of this vest is the aspect of protection against wind chill. The extra layer provides better insulation so you don't lose heat as quickly.

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It doesn't matter if your discipline is windsurfing, kitesurfing or SUP, the ION Booster X vest is sure to come in handy on the water. ION pays a lot of attention to detail, so things like the pockets or the special trapeze hook cutout, which allows for effortless clipping in of lines and makes it easier to keep the vest in place, have been thought out and refined as well as possible.

For years, ION has been ensuring that their vests meet the stringent CE standards and the PPE89/686/EEC standard.

Material: 80% Neopren 20% Nylon

Product highlights

Body protection

A safety vest should be an integral part of your equipment. It will provide you with protection in the event of an impact. It will make you feel safer and more secure during your time on the water.

Freedom of movement

The vest adapts perfectly to your body and does not restrict movement, which is important when practicing water sports


  • 50N approved: according to ISO 12402-5
  • Harness hook fixture
  • Pockets: zipper pocket, 2 flexible mesh pockets
  • Drinking bladder fixture: Keeps your drinking bladder in place
  • Reflective panels: Be seen by everyone for a safe ride
  • Elasticated construction on both sides allows easy adjustment of vest, to half size bigger or smaller than specified
  • 3 pockets allow you to take essentials with you (keys, GPS device, phone in aquapack)
  • The vest is equipped with a large pocket on the back adapted for the use of a so-called camelbag - a reservoir for water or other beverages
  • Vest provides excellent impact protection
  • Straps on the sides allow for precise adjustment of the vest circumference
  • Vest complies with ISO 12402-5 (certificate enclosed) and PPE89/686/EEC
  • Vestare ION's flagship product, so you can be sure you are buying top quality equipment


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Size Height (cm) Chest (cm) Height (ft/in) Chest (ft/in)
Youth1 140-154 56-66 55.12″-60.63″ 22.05″-25.98″
Youth2 152-166 66-76 59.84″-65.35″ 25.98″-29.92″
XS/46 164-170 72-82 64.57″-66.93″ 28.35″-32.28″
S/48 168-174 80-90 66.14″-68.5″ 31.5″-35.43″
M/50 172-178 88-99 67.72″-70.08″ 34.65″-38.98″
L/52 176-184 97-108 69.29″-72.44″ 38.19″-42.52″
XL/54 182-189 106-116 71.65″-74.41″ 41.73″-45.67″
XXL/56 187-194 114-125 73.62″-76.38″ 44.88″-49.21″
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