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Mens impact vest ION Vector Amp Front Zip Black
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Mens impact vest ION Vector Element Side Zip Black

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The ION Collision Core Front Zip protective vest is ideal for kitesurfing and water sports such as wakeboarding, wing foil that require extra protection. The design allows you to put a harness on top of the vest.

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The Collision Core is the perfect vest for beginner wakeboarders. The vest provides reliable front and back protection. Thanks to the front zipper, donning and doffing is effortless. When surfing the zip can be retracted to the flap so that it does not accidentally come undone. The Collision Core vest meets CE standards.

Materials: 80% Neopren 20% Nylon

Product highlights

Body protection

A safety vest should be an integral part of your equipment. It will provide you with protection in the event of an impact. It will make you feel safer and more secure during your time on the water.

Comfortable fastening

The zip at the front has a Velcro fastener to prevent the vest from opening on its own


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Size Height (cm) Chest (cm) Height (ft/in) Chest (ft/in)
Youth1 140-154 56-66 55.12″-60.63″ 22.05″-25.98″
Youth2 152-166 66-76 59.84″-65.35″ 25.98″-29.92″
XS/46 164-170 72-82 64.57″-66.93″ 28.35″-32.28″
S/48 168-174 80-90 66.14″-68.5″ 31.5″-35.43″
M/50 172-178 88-99 67.72″-70.08″ 34.65″-38.98″
L/52 176-184 97-108 69.29″-72.44″ 38.19″-42.52″
XL/54 182-189 106-116 71.65″-74.41″ 41.73″-45.67″
XXL/56 187-194 114-125 73.62″-76.38″ 44.88″-49.21″
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