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GA-KITE Seat Harness FORCE
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ION 2022 Kitesurfing Harness Seat Vega black
  • Has a detachable bottom
  • Seamless connection between harness and seat
  • Dedicated to freeride and freestyle
  • Steel hook included
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GA-KITE PEAK convertible Waist Harness

Sizes: S 71 cm | M 76 cm | L 81 cm | XL 86 cm

The PEAK CONVERTIBLE combines the narrow profile and ergonomic 3D Design of the PEAK waist harness with the bonus of being able to convert it into a seat harness easily. This allows you to enjoy the comfort, freedom and support of a waist harness with the control and performance of a seat harness, when you need it. No more need for two harnesses!

It’s also a great option for those, who are not quite comfortable with a fully racing seat harness. If you want a harness with the freedom to throw your next big trick and later rocket past your friends, this is the ultimate convertible experience.


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71 cm 76 cm 81 cm 86 cm
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