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DUOTONE Kite Juice 2020
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GA-KITES Spark 2020
  • A great choice if you like to combine freestyle with wave
  • C-Shape gives you a lot of control over the kite when performing tricks
  • Very turning, makes it easier to ride on a packed spot
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GA-KITES / Gaastra Pure (2020)

Sizes: 6.0 | 7.0 | 8.0 | 9.0 | 10.0 | 11.0 | 12.0 | 13.0


Enjoy pure performance in waves, during freestyle and performance freeriding. Reacts accurately and directly to all movements of the bar, allowing you to take full advantage of its torsion and the huge amount of pop it offers. The stability across the entire width of the windshield will help you tame even the biggest waves without worrying about the kite.

The stable construction of the kite, combined with slightly lower bar pressure and a stiffer skeleton gives the Pure a very solid feeling that reveals itself on the water and in the air. Proper flight characteristics through the entire loop and high power development allows easy looping in all conditions.


  • The rigid skeleton of the kite ensures precise movement of the kite across the width of the windshield.
  • Low forces on the bar, so your sessions can be extended without you feeling unnecessarily tired.
  • Huge pop.
  • Maintains great stability in strong winds which is essential for wave sessions.
  • Easy control even by less experienced & nbsp; riders.
PURE - Specs graph


SPARK - Anti Tangle Webbings


Anti-tangle webbings at the strut and LE ends prevent line tangling and damages to the kite by tangled lines.

SPARK - Bridles


Dyneema lines with a polyester sleeve for protection, Logic V-bridles with triangle construction for stiff arc support.

SPARK - Computer Aided Cutting


Fabric panels are cut with a computer controlled plotter for highest quality.

SPARK - Dacron


The high-density polyester Dacron, impregnated (waterproof) and polyurethane coated creates excellent dimension stability and lowa water absorbtion.

SPARK - Kite-Body Seams


Triple zick-zack sewed and glued flat seams result in less turbulences on the wing surface.

SPARK - Kook Proof Connections


It's impossible to mix up lines with the kook proof connections to the kite.

SPARK - Protection


Heavy duty and super light Kevlar patches in the tip range prevent abrasion at the typical spots. Dacron panels provide force distribution of the connection points.

SPARK - Spinnaker


Special PU-coated, extra light (48g/m2) double rip-stop polyester fabric for a perfect balance of tear strength and dimension stability.

SPARK - TE Construction


The reinforcement of the TE with a Kevlar TM line makes the dimension of the TE stay the same forever. Kevlar does not shrink or stretch. Stiff lines create a crisp bar feeling due to lack of stretch in the TE. The special shape of the double spinnaker panel brakes down high frequencies and prevents fluttering even after many hours of use.


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Size Struts Lines Aspect Ratio Windrange (kts) Weight
6 3 4 4.35 21 - 36 2.17
7 3 4 4.4 19 - 33 2.35
8 3 4 4.5 17 - 32 2.62
9 3 4 4.5 15 - 29 2.99
10 3 4 4.5 13 - 25 3.22
11 3 4 4.6 11 - 24 3.35
12 3 4 4.6 11 - 25 3.79
13 3 4 4.6 10 - 23 3.85
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