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GAASTRA Windsurf sail PILOT 2020
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PURE 2020

Pure power, pure performance, pure pop – the 2020 Pure is dedicated to the creative minds of freestyle windsurfing. The Pure’s highly successful design was updated with new batten specs and an improved panel layout to achieve a freestyle sail with even more pop, early planing and ultimate neutrality to rotate through radical moves. Enjoy the dedicated freestyle performance of the Pure and make use of the immense power and control to fly through any move on your mind.


  • Improved batten specification provides better stability
  • New panel layout increases performance of the sail
  • Integrated batten technology allowed designers to reduce overall weight of the sail. Batten pockets are sewn directly into the panel.
  • Dacron luff panel for incredible power
  • Neutral in the hands during maneuvers


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Size Luff Boom Cams Battens Vario top Mast diameter Mast length
4.0 380 148 4 RDM 370
4.4 393 152 4 RDM 370
4.8 412 158 4 RDM 400
5.2 425 168 4 RDM 400
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