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GAASTRA Windsurf sail AIRRIDE 2020
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The Matrix is a legendary sail that has been on the Gaastra range for years. Cam-free freeride machine guarantees sporty performance and trouble-free rigging and handling. The 7-batten construction ensures profile stability and gives you full control in very wide range of conditions. The deep profile generates a huge thrust that allows you to achieve amazing speeds. The sail feels like it is constantly accelerating and has no upper performance limit. During jibes, the Matrix is neutral and rotates very easily. If you are looking for a fast, no cam sail, the Matrix is for you!


  • High performance cam free design
  • Stable profile thanks to the 7-batten layout
  • Constant curve mast bend allows you to use the masts of most producers and provides better performance
  • The Cross Batten system additionally stabilizes the profile
  • The medium-wide mast pocket improves the sail profile and makes waterstarts easier


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Size Luff Boom Cams Battens Vario top Mast diameter Mast length
5.7 423 182 7 RDM/SDM 400/430
6.2 442 184 7 RDM/SDM 430
6.7 453 196 7 RDM/SDM 430
7.2 474 204 7 SDM 460
7.7 485 214 7 SDM 460
8.4 502 220 7 SDM 460/490
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