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UNIFIBER SDM Base Cup US-system
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Mast extension GA-Sails Carbon Team RDM

The Carbon Team mast extension is the flagship product from GA-Sails. It is versatile and flexible, making it the perfect fit for any sail. It has been meticulously designed and manufactured with exceptional attention to detail, making the mast extension user-friendly and durable.

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This design minimizes friction when pulling the sail up the mast, enabling faster and more efficient rigging, the carefully selected line placement between the blocks has enabled the extension line performance to be significantly improved. The extension is fitted with a low stretch downhaul line. This high-strength synthetic fiber drastically reduces friction, making handling smoother and easier Whatever sail you choose, the Carbon Team Extension will increase your performance.

Product highlights


The use of high-quality carbon in the production increases resistance to mechanical damage, so your equipment will last even longer

Lightweight construction

The extension is made of carbon, so its construction is super lightweight


  • Impressive lightness and stiffness
  • Collar adjustment quick and easy
  • Aligned double pulleys
  • Design focused on reducing downhaul friction for easier rigging
  • Low-stretch downhaul rope
  • Perfectly matched to any sail
  • 6:1 advantage
  • U-Pin System


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Length from (cm) Length to (mm) Diameter Baseplate locking mechanism Mast extension collar Mast extension downhaul ratio
0 32 SDM U-Pin Steel Slide & Lock 6:1 - 2 pulleys
0 48 SDM U-Pin Steel Slide & Lock 6:1 - 2 pulleys
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