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  • Complete wingfoil package
  • Perfect for both beginners and advanced wingriders
  • Window area in wing for complete awareness of your surroundings
  • Modular foil construction for easy upgrades
  • Multiple set configurations
  • Set includes footstraps and wrist leash
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GA x TABOU Wingfoil package - Wing Cross + Pocket Air board + Hybrid Wing Foil

  • Wing sizes: 2.2 / 2.8 / 3.5 / 4.2 / 5.2 / 6.2
  • Board sizes: 5'4 / 5'8 / 6'0 / 6'2
  • Foil variants: 1450 HP / 1500 FREE / 1750 HP / 2000 FREE

Complete wingfoil package for riders starting their adventure with this sport (board 6'2 or 6'0) or for more advanced riders looking for small agile board for freestyle or wave (board 5'8 or 5'4).

All foils are available with 72cm fusealage and foils with 1750 HP and 2000 FREE wings are also available with 85cm fuselage.

Set components

GA x TABOU Wingfoil package - Wing Cross + Pocket Air board + Hybrid Wing Foil - GA CROSS WING


An updated profile, new construction and upgraded features enhance the renowned all-round performance of the Cross in each category. The introduction of a brand-new Dacron material from the world’s leading sailcloth manufacturer results in an incredibly stiff leading edge and strut, which enhances the direct feeling, power and pumping performance of the wing. Increased rigidity allowed our design team to reduce the profile volume in the tips leading to upgraded agility and easier handling. The Cross features a Kevlar line in the trailing edge for absolute and long-lasting dimension stability and a reworked skin tension for an overall cleaner canopy. Stiffer and more padded handles as well as a new split window design add comfort and safety thanks to the better overview, which makes the Cross the perfect all-round wing for all skill levels. With wing you'll get wrist leash.

GA x TABOU Wingfoil package - Wing Cross + Pocket Air board + Hybrid Wing Foil - TABOU POCKET AIR BOARD


The brand-new platform for your wingfoiling experience – the Pocket Air is devoted to everybody, who wants to either experience winging for the first time or push his limits in the waves and the air. The Pocket Air offers stability and an early take-off with smooth touch downs, allowing riders of all skill levels to enjoy their wingfoiling session, but also manoeuvrability for more advanced riders, who want to foil in swell and go for jumps. Multiple foot strap insert positions add control especially in stronger winds and in combination with the mast track make the Pocket Air the perfect platform for manoeuvre-oriented windfoiling. Board is equipped with a set of footstraps.

GA x TABOU Wingfoil package - Wing Cross + Pocket Air board + Hybrid Wing Foil - GA HYBRID WING FOIL


The Hybrid Foil with Double US Plate adapter offers allround performance and the freedom to customize the foil according to your individual requirements. A smooth and extremely early take-off, control in the air and a lot of performance potential provide both novices and advanced foil riders with the right setup for their flight. The Hybrid Wing Foil set is composed of 85cm aluminium mast, an CNC milled aluminium fuselage available in two sizes and a FREE or HP front wing. For increased agility, lift or speed, you can adjust the foil with one of the many tuning parts. The foil comes in foilbag with front wing cover.


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Area (m2) Wingspan (m) Chord (m) Aspect Ratio Window Handles Additional handles
2.2 TBA TBA TBA 1 front , 2 back, 1 LE Swivel handle
2.8 2.41 1.52 2.2 1 front , 2 back, 1 LE Swivel handle
3.5 2.72 1.7 2.2 1 front , 2 back, 1 LE Swivel handle
4.2 2.98 1.86 2.2 1 front , 3 back, 1 LE Swivel handle
5.2 3.38 2.07 2.2 1 front , 3 back, 1 LE Swivel handle
6.2 3.69 2.26 2.2 1 front , 3 back, 1 LE Swivel handle


Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Fin box Fin setup Included fins Discipline
87 162 68 7.20 DOUBLE FOIL US-BOX Single Foil
97 177 69 7.80 DOUBLE FOIL US-BOX Single Foil
107 183 71 8.10 DOUBLE FOIL US-BOX Single Foil
117 189 73 8.60 DOUBLE FOIL US-BOX Single Foil


Model Area (cm2) Span (cm) Aspect Ratio Volume (cm3) Full wet surface (cm2) Fuselage length (cm) Mast length (cm) Rear wing (cm2)
HP 1450 1450 92 5.6 1964 3141 72 85 303
HP 1750 1750 97.5 5.6 2347 3549 72 / 85 85 303
FREE 1500 1494 84 4.7 1937 3027 72 85 303
FREE 2000 2024 98 4.75 3571 4126 72 / 85 85 303
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