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  • SIZES: 4.7 / 5.2 / 5.6 / 6.0 / 6.4 / 6.7 / 7.2

The ultimate convertible sail range in full package. A high-performance quiver designed to get you on the water having fun no matter what the conditions.


Windsurfers looking for just one sail range to cover all their sailing from high wind waves to light wind flatwater. A rig width huge wind range in all kind of condition and always great fun to use.

The ultimate convertible range, the Hybrid is rich in design features. For 2018, Gaastra took this design concept to a new level and have created a completely integrated high performance sail with each size changing in design for the appropriate wind conditions. One range that will finally cover all conditions from wave to freeride without losing any performance.

The small size 4.7 performs like a power wave sail. Control, early planing and maneuverability for the windiest days and when the waves appear. Four batten designs with Full X-Ply HD window and fiberglass battens provide maximum performance and durability.

The middle of the range from 5.2 to 6.4 progresses into a classic 5 batten bump and jump profile replacing our successful well-known Cross range from previous seasons. The sail is fast, stable and powerful the perfect choice for when conditions start to become a little less consistent. High performance Glass and Tube battens in the sail centre produce the perfect profile for stability and performance when conditions get tougher and the full X-Ply HD window makes the sail extremely durable.

In the largest sizes 6.7 to 7.2, the full 6 batten profile of a freeride sail will offer speed and performance to win every match race. A combination of Tube and Glass battens and full profile maximize freeride power allowing you to make the most of the lighter days on the water. It´s a real full power freeride machine.

The all new Hybrid Rigg takes windsurfing to a new level. You can invest in a minimum number of sails to maximize performance in all conditions.

The rig is available in two colorways (blue-yellow and red-orange). Please inform us what is your prefered color option, however please note we can't guarantee that all colors are in stock.


  • Gaastra Hybrid Sail 2018
  • Gaastra RDM (SDM in 6.7 and 7.2) 30% carbon mast
  • Gaastra Alu Freedirde boom
  • Gaastra Alu Extension


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4.7 402 156 4 Vario Wave 140/190 400 35 cm
5.2 417 173 5 Fixed Wave 140/190 400 35 cm
5.6 433 178 5 Fixed Wave 140/190 430 35 cm
6.0 445 188 5 Fixed Freeride 170/220 430 35 cm
6.4 455 193 5 Fixed Freeride 170/220 430 35 cm
6.7 450 193 6 Fixed Freeride 170/220 430 35 cm
7.2 466 200 6 Fixed Freeride 170/220 460 35 cm
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